Rabbit-Proof Fence

We just watched the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence as a tuning in activity to the unit Where We are in Place and Time. The movie was set in the years of the 1930s and was placed in Australia. The white people wanted to breed out the black of the aboriginal people. The story is about a girl and her younger sister that are captured by the white people, then they escaped and returned to their home. This incident connects to our new central idea “The past shaped what our world is like today.” After this event in history, the population of the aboriginals decreased. Now few tribes of native aboriginals still live in Australia. If the white people didn’t do what they did, the aboriginals might still be plentiful, Australia might not be  as modern as it is now. Also, the relationship between the white people and the aboriginals may have been better.


Here is a photo of the main movie cover.


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