Gr. 9 Simulation-My Reflection

Yesterday, our class did some simulation events for the grade 9’s Civics project. We were split into groups and we went to three of the seven stations. We did the poverty station, the immigration station and the refugee station. We learned a lot about the way people in different countries aren’t always treated equally and have to cope with hard situations.

I learned that in Kenya, whenever their is a rainstorm, the people in poverty have to stay where they are with barely any protection from the rain. I learned that  people might also come and kidnap you during these storms in the darkness. I learned about how people have to go through immigration and how even though they are in the target destination, they can still be sent back to their original country. During the refugee station, I learned about how refugees are forced to do labour to pay for their food and their shelter. This process could take months before the refugees could make enough money to get back into their county.

I quite enjoyed the activities because we learned a lot of new facts and information through a variety of fun activities and stations. In my opinion the grade 9 student were quite calm and they seemed to have everything under control. They taught us a lot of things while still making it fun to learn. The stations were quite original and it was a good experience. Overall, I think that it was worth our time and that if I could do the simulations again, I would.

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  1. This sounds very fun and I would like to do it too. I am glad that you have helped the grade 9 students.

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