Sharing the Planet: PSA

In this unit, we learned about children rights and how some children are having their rights denied. For the summative assessment we had to create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about one child right. I chose to do article 24, which is about having a good healthcare. Hope you enjoy my PSA!


6 thoughts on “Sharing the Planet: PSA

  1. Wonderful work, Bulldog7!
    A simple, yet effective PSA; this shows me that you understand how a PSA can be used to get a message across. Including statistics such as you did really give the viewer some startling statements and get him/her to think about the severity of this issue. The elements of your PSA – text, images, and music – are edited together very well and combine to create a strong PSA.
    Well done!
    Ms K 🙂

  2. Great P.S.A! The pictures and text helped a lot and it seemed like I am not going to say anything and just look.
    I like your music. It is very touching.

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