It’s Been A While Since I’ve Written

I know I haven’t wrote anything in a while for some good reasons. 1: Homework (A Lot), 2: I had to go to this Clinical Psychologist to test my mooter skills, 3: I had to go to another test in the same week for the same thing, 4: My parents started to give me assignments to train my skeletal system, 5: Market (I’ll get to that later in my post). So in other reasons, I was way too busy to write. Your probably wondering why I put the first three reasons, but I it will take to much time. Maybe I put it in some other time. Other then that I explain about the market not the entire thing, just from setting it up. We did this market to help WorldVision and our WorldVision friend Dilina Sathsara AMAL. We started to carry the desks to our location and that was near the grade 6 classrooms (Not including ours). When we finished we started business right away but we did not get a lot of people. We only made 6$ in the first 10-15 minutes. Then it got a little busy with the market in recess, we didn’t get a lot of people but we did make 70$. Around the Grade 4’s and 3’s lunch time, it started to get really crowded lots of students flooded the the area, visiting everywhere. Even though we got a lot of people we made over 100$, pretty good start for beginners. So that’s how this whole market went and why I have not written in a while and probably won’t for some time again.

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