Canadian History Unit Questions

What were the causes and consequences of World War II? (factual)

The cause of World War II was Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the surrounding countries. The consequences was a death toll of 70 million, the highest death toll out of any kind of war in History. It also started what was called the ‘Long Peace’ and the creation of the UN (United Nation).

Why do nations go to war? (conceptual)

Nations go to war for resources in other countries, more power as the more land you have the more powerful you become or sometimes as an act of self-defense or intervention to another country.

What was the most significant aspect of the World War II? (debatable)

The most significant aspect of World War II would be the dropping of the atomic bombs. Up until then, nuclear warfare was unheard of and nobody had any idea of the destructive capabilities it could bring. The standard explosives were usually minor, capable of taking out parts of a city with multiple bombs but not entire ones. This was different, with atomic bomb, the US was now the most powerful country.

Heart Valve

I made the tube shorter and I moved the pink balloon up so it covers the tube. I also added 2 more balloons to cover the upper part of the tube and to make that ‘skin-like’ layer. I’ve also cut holes where the hole originally were as the pink balloon was covering the holes up.

Design Day Term 1

We had to design a 2 prototypes of a heart valve at Design Day today. My Key takeaways from Today would that constructing some like a heart valve requires more in depth thinking, you have to think outside of the box a little bit as a heart valve is only one way. If I could do it all again, I would probably make my ideas a lot more clearer as when I was trying to explain what I wanted to do with the flaps, it wasn’t very clear and led to a lot of frustration and by the time I made it clear, it was too late and we didn’t get to actually building it although we had a clear idea of what we were going to build. I used to think creating a heart valve would be kind of easy, create a pathway for the water to flow through and a provide a mechanism to keep the water flowing the same way but preventing water from flowing in the other way. Now I think that creating a heart valve requires more thinking and making a valve one-way is easier said than done as when we tried to do that, we failed. In our first prototype, the balloon that was supposed to hold the water after going through the ‘valve’ worked. However, everything else after that failed as we forget to secure the valve so water would only go one way so when we flipped it over, the water came right out.


Canadian History

For me the two most important events for the 20th century in this timeline would be the First Man on the Moon and the Color TV. I said First Man on the Moon because it was a revolutionary time back then when space travel was first possible and they had they’re first human rocket launch. They had never done this before so there was uncertainty on whether the mission would be successful or not. Once the Astronauts reached the Moon and prepared for landing, the space center was probably alive with tension as the space shuttle descended into the Moon’s surface. That tension soon became joy when Neil Armstrong code name Apollo 11 announced through radio that they have landed on the Moon successfully which is why this is an important time in the 20th century.

Color TV was something unheard of back in the 1950s, back then it was just a small black and white television. In 1966, Color TV came into existence changing how they could watch TV, although the screen didn’t get a whole lot bigger, now they could watch shows in full color and not just black and white, it was revolutionary in the field of technology which is why it was an important time in the 20th century.

Design Day, Vectors and a Gantt Chart

Design Day today was ‘uneventful’ to say the least as we did very little in terms of work and we mainly focused on three main parts ‘Introduction’ meaning that we get our Design Folders set up again and learning how to use Adobe Illustrate provided that we didn’t run into any ‘complications’. For a trail to see if we can handle this new program effectively, we had to ‘draw’ out the word ‘vector’ using Adobe Illustrate, that took a while for everyone because of learning curves and technical difficulties. After we finished it,  we had to construct a sample Gantt Chart for a specific scenario in groups of 4-5. A Grantt Chart is a type of Chart where you plan out activities or jobs to do using bars as a marker for the data it will be done and a time set for how long it will take, it’s usually used when planning a big events.

After we finished a our sample Grantt Charts, we then started to research and look for inspiring Graphic Novel examples and annotate them by point out the key aspect of said novel. After that, well I’m right here writing a reflection about everything we did today and what I learned today. So, that’s pretty much everything that had happened today.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.22.08 pm-1

Playing Test and Music Theory

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.21.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.21.53 AM

A wise man once said ‘It is easy to learn a instrument, but hard to master it.’ The Xylophone is very easy to play as it only requires good hand eye coordination and the notes are in front of you. Except, you won’t be looking at the xylophone all the time so you have to memorize where each note is, that was the main problem I had.

Although I did play better than I expected, I could’ve done better because the scales are by far the most easiest thing to play on the xylophone yet I manage to screw it up and not get perfect even on the Bb major. The reason I’m saying that is when I’m looking at the test results, I’m one point away from a 9 so yeah I have a valid reason. However, I did develop at a constant rate as before I was slow and unsure, now I’m back to where I started last year. Although my practice diary does not show this as it’s mostly blank, but for me, I just play a bit and I memorize it as I’m a quick learner. The average day I practice is 1 per week and the time is around 30 minutes. I will NOT be taking music next year so I don’t have any goals planned.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.25.15 AM

I didn’t practice that much, enough said.

Digital Surrealism

As you can see, our unit was surrealism so I got the idea of doing the idea you see above for two reasons. One because it will be really easy substituting all the organelles with the objects we needed and two I GET TO MAKE BAD PUNS while at it. I will spare you the puns for now because I really need to explain why this is my best work this year. First, the shape is pretty straight forward and I found numerous loopholes to make drawing this much easier such as the water vacuole being water, vines being plant and just parts the objects I needed. Also, THE PUNS I usually make these puns just to keep this from getting stale and keep me thinking that this was a good idea.

CAS Week

CAS basically stands for creative, action, service, if there was any service involved in our recent CAS week. It was more like a CA week than a CAS week (no not California). Also, we were only in Yangshuo which our CAS week was held for 5 days and 4 nights, so it was more like a school week than a actual week, but I digress.

First I’ll just list the activities out in a boring old fashioned list formation, we did hiking (twice), caving, went to a cooking school, cycling, tea planting, hiking and rock climbing.

Caving depended on whether you liked getting dirty (a lot), didn’t mind getting soaked from head to toe, had good stamina, liked hiking and climbing, didn’t mind the bats and had no fear of getting hurt in order to cross a platform or waterfall. I passed most of them except the fact that I liked keeping myself clean so I do not dare go in the mud bath while everyone else did. Although I did get a little muddy, although the last part where we had cross a underground river was kind of like a shower where I took the opportunity to clean up very quickly then proceeded. I was very good at the caving part even-though it was first time, however, there was a hiking proportion where we had to walk back to the bus. Even though I already went on 7 hikes much harder than this and never slipped. I slipped about 17 times, I think it was because I was really tired and couldn’t exactly process my footing that well.

Next was cycling, it sounds fun right? I already knew how to ride a bike so I thought this would be fun and easier, only problem was I haven’t ridden in 2 years so it was going to take a while to get used. Fortunately, I am a rather quick learner so I at least was comfortable ridding, not at my normal speed, but enough to not fall behind (well I kind of did as it took a while to relearn ridding a bike and everyone already left). Also guess what, the bike trail was also very muddy so not only tires, but my shoes, legs and hands got muddy, luckily we stopped at a lake and I washed off. On the way there, something happened, I was pushing my bike on a rock terrain and soon after I heard a loud cracking sound and the bike suddenly got a lot heavier. Turns out my front tire completely flew off and we had to reattach it in order to proceed

After that was our first hike, I’ll give a brief layout of our environment first. Humidity was at 100%, it was 28˚-32˚ degrees with unstable rain, full of mud and animal poo and we were hiking for 3 and a half hours. So, when it rained we put of coats on then we got hot, the sun came out, we took it off, the rain came back the next minute and the cycle repeated. There was also a downhill which was just full of a mixture of mud and animal poo that very slippery and a very big ditch full of animal poo and mud. The instructor helped people down then just gave up afterwards and guess what happened to me. I’m like step, step, okay I’m fine, take a another step and slip, fall into the ditch. So now I was dirty, smelled bad, sweating, couldn’t use my hands for obvious reasons, tired and very humiliated. Luckily we came into a mini pond and I washed my hands so I could at least use them. The rest of the hike was pretty straight forward so I won’t go into any detail.

The next day we went on yet another hike, but that’s when weather started to get better, couldn’t have come sooner then the last two days, also this hike wasn’t complete torture like the other one. First, it had no mud, Second, the weather was cool and Third, it was really short. The only real obstacle in this hike was the stairs, oh boy the stairs. When we finished the hike, we were a little happy yet mildly disappointed as this one failed to compare to our first hike.

After the hike came the cooking school, lets just say, I AM NOT BORN TO BE IN THE KITCHEN. With the knife that cuts the veggies and other foods,  I cut my thumb was attempting to cut the eggplant, not entirely, but enough to make it bleed. Also, I was slow with stir frying and I couldn’t flip over the egg dumplings and around 50% of the time, one of the instructors were helping me. Although the food I produced at tasted good, I didn’t exactly eat it due to not being hungry.

We were supposed to go kayaking after the cooking school, however due to high tide warning, it got moved to tomorrow and we had to go rock climbing in it’s place. I’m just going say this right now to clear up any misunderstandings from the next segment; I HATE ROCK CLIMBING. The problem is, I know I can rock-climb well, but the problem is that the only thing that’s holding me back on rock-climbing is acrophobia. I don’t have a serious case of acrophobia but it’s enough to prevent me from rock climbing as I freeze in place and refuse to move when I get scared. After a straight hour of just positive encouragement and motivation, I got over the per-stage of my phobia and started to tackle the wall. That’s when the main fear started to act, I was shaking, scared and couldn’t process anything in my head. I couldn’t figure where to grab, where to start. After around 40 minutes of relaxing my mind, I made it…halfway the level 1 wall. I gave up right there as I couldn’t go any further, but I felt accomplished. However, that was short-lived as I was dizzy and slipped on the slipper trail and landed on the edge of a rock…on my butt. That was funny and painful at the same time.

The last day, we NOT going kayaking due to another high tide warning although you would’ve figured that out if you paid attention to the first few sentences. We were going tea planting in it’s place. That was interesting although since it’s just a tea plantation,there isn’t a lot of content to cover. Although one really funny thing happened, we were supposed to go pick tea leaves and one group came back wih 90% leaves and 10% tea leaves.


For the Math Exam, it covered EVERYTHING we learned this year so prepared for it was going to be pretty expansive. By ‘expansive’ I do NOT mean cramming everything you learned in the year and remembering it. Go through each topic one by one SLOWLY, to maximize success, start with the your weakest topic then work your way up from there. Save your strongest topic for last and organize each topic into small sections, not cram it into ten minutes because you’re lazy. I had to learn that the hard way with all my other test results.

Also, if you’re one of those math ‘geniuses’, take it from me and do not get cocky during the test. You will mess up and make a lot of careless mistakes. I learned and corrected myself during the final exam by being relaxed, mature and just me which led me to getting a 5/8 in my exam. Although that may seems good, I still have a lot to work on, one being checking my work once, twice, three times, quadruple times over.

Also, do not try to psych your self out into thinking that this is impossible to do, try to relax and say ‘Okay, I know how to do this. This is pretty easy.’ The answer should come shortly, some longer then others. Also, balance out your time, if you can’t figured it out, skip then come back. I learned that the hard way as I didn’t finish in time and I thought for sure I didn’t get a good mark.

Pursuit of Passion

For at least 14 years, I have refined my own passion at least three times because I either refined it because I got bored or that I have more of an interest and knowledge in another subject. The most refined one to date is computer programming/engineering, this sounded strange to me at first since when I was young I used to absolutely HATE math and I didn’t understand science. However, even when I was a kid, I always enjoyed watching things assemble or disassemble especially machines and now in Gr.8, I started to enjoy math and I understood and thoroughly enjoyed science.

Can can’t exactly fit this into my life that much due to law of raw material to work with and well, I don’t know how programming works. I think that this passion can lead me to a future career as either a game programmer or a engineer. I like to see myself in 6 years in a quiet lab or something with a bunch of materials to work with and just try to construct new machines or technology.

Greatest Song Ever

This is probably a simple sheet of music you see in front your eyes right now, but it was harder making it then presenting it.

I think it was because I wasn’t used to Finale’s controls yet, but finale kept messing up the song with wrong notes and slurs all in the wrong places and with the often bar additions. It was quite frustrating, it was time consuming and it was energy wasting as the notes were in the wrong place, the slurs were on the wrong notes and the things on top just weren’t popping up from time to time, but I digress. It was alright in the end.

UPDATE: I fail

Just ignore that previous post I wrote. Now I’m looking at my mark right now it isn’t very pleasant, I got 25/54 in the music sheet which equals 47%. I just didn’t pass this time so now I just want to curl up inside a ball in my desk and die in any means possible.

I should’ve practice a little bit more with the sharps and flats then with just the basic notes.

Music Theory

I only have one thing to say about this test: REALLY EASY. Honestly, I’m not the one to be overly cocky and arrogant, but still, all the we needed to remember is  Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle for sharps and Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles’ Father for flats. Even our teacher said that the record for completing this test is well ‘three minutes’. Most of the questions I could do by memory, but with the bass clef scale, I had to play around and guess a little bit with it. Also with the tones and semitones part, I couldn’t really figure out the sharps and flat the semitone or tone above that so I guess ALL of it. So I guess it was kind of hard in it’s own way.


Intrument Care

Chris “Hello I’m Russell…” *laughter in the audience* Russell “I’m Russell. Not him.” (Best moment in the presentation).That was a fun presentation because we were completely unprepared so screwing up a lot was evident. The whole entire process was a bit underwhelming because all we did was work, finish and present, with presenting being the only ‘enjoyable’ part. However, working as a pair made things a lot easier as we wouldn’t get in as much arguments and it would be much easier to monitor each other to see if we were actually doing ‘work’.


What went well and flowed thoroughly was the making of the presentation mostly because we spent the most time on it and put the most ‘effort’ on it. By ‘effort’ I mean Chris did 4 slides and I did 2…so we didn’t exactly get equal work. We wouldn’t do as things differently next time as it was pretty much timed perfectly at every moment.

The poster was NOT our best work, it was clear, but it was in A4…

Drama Preformace

I got a sort of bad group with the exception of the villain, we were completely unorganized and sometimes screwed up at the worst possible moments. However, we still manage through and put up and rather decent performance.

At the start, Audrey (damsel) and I (Hero) was exactly head over heels to play our roles because number one: we kind of hate each other in real life and in the script we have to act like we’re in love. Second, Audrey is a tomboy so she doesn’t fit the damsel part too well and she is way too happy at the worst possible times. Third, I really suck at being the Hero or the Villain. The reason for that is, I’m way too nice to be evil and I always end up coughing when I ‘attempt’ to laugh manically so that made me sound like I’m about 60 years old.

We started rehearsing again and again, the first time I completely forgot most of my lines and gone out of character ALOT. Even Harry (Villain) forgot his lines when he’s tying Audrey to the tracks, then I completely forgot to come in and save her because I forgot. The costume for me was the only good thing since I really looked like a hero that’s not rich.

Performance time, I can sum that up in just one word: Trolled. First, Harry forgot his costume, then we forgot the rope AND the gun. Second, I had a sore throat and I was in a little bit of a bad mood. I switched around my lines, skip alot of lines, forgot to make my entrance and screwed the fight scene. When I realized what happened I just wanted to scream and…I don’t want to talk anymore. Just leave me alone,

Waste Not, Want Not II

Time for a very overly designed apple package. I liked the fact that it’s secure and sturdy with no lose corners, but it’s only for one apple. I wish that I would’ve payed more attention to the size of the package then I would’ve made it smaller. This may look good, but now I think it’s a pretty good example of over designing a package.

Grade 8 Test Reflection

I certainly didn’t expect to do this well. At first, I thought I would not even come close to the mark I got especially with the suppose ‘crap’ I did.

The things I did well was almost everything, total domination in naming the rhythms , good in the rhythms and ‘meh’ in the naming the musical notes (I’m still hurting over my horrible treble cleft). I did ‘crap’ at two rhythms and like I said I was horrible in the drawing of the treble cleft.

What I would do better would be draw a better treble cleft and count the note rhythm a little more carefully.

How to be a Smart Investor.

Imagine yourself, you’re walking to your usual bank and you’re about to invest some money into them. Then they say, “Good day to you sir/ma’am. Our interest rate is 0.001% if you invest your money.” Then you agree because you don’t know what those numbers mean (not to insult any intellect) and you put in $10’000 dollars. A 5 years later you come back to check and you only realize that it only moved about a 1.123 dollars (just a random estimate). You feel ashamed, useless even stupid as you didn’t think about the interest rate.

Now, think about how the interest rate can change everything just by moving a little bit. The time it takes to double your money depends on the interest rate such as if the rate is 10% you’ll double your money in just 8 years then if it’s just 0.001% which could take centuries even millenniums to double the money even if it’s just $1. Even if you change the amount of money you put in, if the interest rate stays the same, you’re still going to wait the exact same amount of time even if it’s just $1.

Think about it.

Tool Box Of Da Grade 8

1. What are the basic tools that mathematicians need to fill their toolbox with to be skilled at their job?

1A: They need order of operations, converting fractions to decimals to percents and ratio and rates.

2.How has our invention of math tools further developed out existence?

2A: Math is all around us now, for example we use math when we’re cooking to know how much ingredients we should use.

3.Where can we find these tools in human activities?

3A: We can find these tools in shopping, when we’re driving a car or when we’re making food.

4.What did you do well on in this assessment?

4A: I did very well on this assignment since this was a review on our previous assignments and we all pretty much know it all.

5.What do you still need to work on?

5A: Although I learned these operations before, I have trouble remembering them during a test which often screws me over such as converting a reoccurring decimal to a fraction.

6.You were given a lot of freedom in this unit, especially in terms of the math toolbox and your personal review for the test. What was your strategy for making sure you knew the content of the unit? Was it effective?

6A: The strategy was learn new concepts then just practices when your hand gets sore then practice more. This was effective except it kind of backfired during the test because I would practice on something too much and forget about the other stuff.

7.Where would you rank yourself on the Stress and Learning graph? Why?

7A: I would rank my self on low-medium stress and medium learning because since this was a review from last year, I wasn’t really worried about it, but I learned a lot of new concepts that can help me in math.

Somalia and Spain

Somalia and Spain are two different countries.

First, Somalia has a President while Spain has a king,

Somalia is Federal Governance while Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy.

Somalia has Somali Shilling while Spain has Euros.

One thing they have in common is that they are both from the southern part of their country, what’s different is that Somalia is a third world country while Spain is not.

Another thing they have in common is that their population is well over a million and exceeding 40 million.

The two countries also have a similar financial problem, Somalia is facing corruption while Spain is facing a financial crisis lately.

That’s all the compare and contrast I can come up with. Sorry for the short post.


Lets just say, I actually enjoyed being away from my family for one week in Beijing with my 27 Beijing-mates. There were 150 students in Grade 7 and 27 were going to Beijing, the rest to Chang-Mai. Although we spent a lot of time on the bus going back and forth, there will be some unforgettable moments in the trip such as Ethan getting high on Mountain Dew after the acrobat show, the 4-star toilet (I’m not kidding), The Great Wall Torture…I mean hike and of course the most memorable, the Pearl Market.

The first night, No Dinner, We had to find our own dinner at the Night Market, no food was provided. Without being boring an going to KFC or McDonald just because it’s easy. We’re in China now, we’re able to speak Chinese and order food, so w just went into a department store after walking for a little bit and there were like 15-19 choices are on the directions map. That’s when we started arguing about where we should go since all of us wanted different locations. We couldn’t split up so again Kenneth stepped in and said we’re eating Ramen. The photo above is us at the Ramen place, without the food, we ordered all our meals that the size of a fifth of the table and we ate it all only costing 113 RMB, talk about cheap, I was expecting it to be like 200-350 RMB giving this is a real restaurant and our meal is quite big and we had five people having meals that size.

During the trip, it was stress-free an i was just being myself and having a good time, I think I showed being a risk-taker the most because well, I took all the hard ways in the great wall and I even just did a little rock climbing to prevent myself form falling down 50 meters down. The Pearl Market, okay I admit, even my group had some, ‘AYYIIIIEEE’ moments in market even myself and we had run a few times. I even tried new local Chinese food…and ended up throwing up afterwards, I even went into stinky toilet without getting grossed out when I needed to go.

I also displayed was principled because I knew when things were getting out of hand I stopped, I also didn’t fool around and start trolling the shop vendors just because it was funny and fun to run away and laugh, okay I was a little bit of an idiot at sometimes, but at least I was obedient most of the time and when instructions to be cautious came on, I was being extra cautious like the rickshaw ride and The Great Wall.

We also helped in a local school learning P.E aka military camp, Kung Fu, streamlines and we semi taught English and I asked a awkward question in the Beijing Trip In a Local School…about the Math Exam.

In all and all, the trip was really epic except for some epic fails here and there.

Epic Court Case In Science Class

Those are some of pictures from the court case we did on KMT. This one not a real court case, but a student court case. We we’re either proving KMT right or KMT wrong. After two days of pressure, the verdict was given. The verdict was…GUILTY! I was a prosecutor lawyer with an edge. We diffidently trolled the defense, very hard, I feel very good about the verdict. The verdict was…GUILTY as said for 5 reasons. First, it only takes one flaw to prove a theory wrong and we found a lot of contradictions in the salt and ice lab.

Second, with Ary’s extra knowledge about KMT, we hammered them very hard as Ary with normally finish with ‘we’re done with this witness’ then slammed his desk. Third, we left the defense stammering for words even though it really felt like they had the upper hand. Fourth, we questioned everything and we defended everyone on our side (ironic us ‘defending’). Fifth, even against all the odds like feeling under pressure, 99.5% of the Jury Team being defense meaning certain death for and against overwhelming odds with 3 to 5 lawyers (3 us 5 defense), we pillowed through every single problem.

Like I said, I am a lawyer with an edge. A very blunt edge, call me Mr. Prosecutor, well actually that name should go to Ary. I didn’t really represent my job very well, I just Mr. Behind The Scenes. I was mostly helping other Mr/Ms. Prosecutors do their jobs maybe at that time I was Mr. Monitor. For being on Prosecution, I couldn’t ask for a better job, being a lawyer is my dream even when I didn’t fulfill my responsibility I filled other responsibilities

What I learned about KMT is nothing really new,except elastic collisions between particles (thanks Ary). I improved as a scientist by learning careful observations and educated guess, I also learned the art of breaking things in Science Class.

Fractions and Decimals

For this unit, I’d give a 3/10 because it wasn’t the best unit. For stress it was 4.77777777…because I was really lagging behind from my peers especially with the room problems since I usually depended on their answers, the number line just made things worse because I didn’t get it and I had the room problems to worry about. Everything else I either was clumsy or forgot how to do it such as dividing decimals, I did it backwards…literally. Some questions were so darn obvious and easy that when I saw it wrong an realize my mistake. I wanted to just die from stupidity right there on the spot, however I kept it internal.

My efforts on this unit were just exceptional because I didn’t get the concept and I gave up way too easily and was kind of lazy doing my work because when the time came, I skipped a few concepts (by that a lot) and went with it resulting in very bad marks and AHHHAHSHSHHHAHGEBDVD!

My Project about Why People Flee North Korea

Superman gets Communist, the Wolf gives advice to the sheep and people fleeing from North Korea. Do you know what this means? I’m going to…reflect on my unit.

This project was a little bit all over the place. I didn’t know what I doing, I was just doing whatever came to my mind and my final product seemed like a rushed job…very bad. I was just tossing in information and information over and over again it was starting to give me a headache. Working by myself was even worse then expected, I didn’t go in a straight line and a lot sidetracks. I didn’t really learn anything new except more Pages configurations. I liked how I was a little creative with the Project, but yet the Project itself was a little bit of a bore some which led to me getting easily distracted.

I don’t have much to talk about in this post since nothing really happened.

D.E.A.D Day

Today was basically a bad pun in itself. As you can see the acronym D.E.A.D is supposed to mean ‘drop everything and design’ well look closely at D.E.A.D and you get what I mean, ‘drop everything and die.’ Yeah…Puns Galore.

Getting back to the subject, the whole entire day we had NO CLASSES which means no handing in homework and getting in trouble. Except, we still do work just not homework. However, Design is well…I got  a 3…out of 7, so yeah, not going to be a good day is it? I’m going to list this in NUMBER order…yeah it’s going to be a lot of bad stuff.

Number one, I get a forced on job. Number two, I get lost in the internet trying to find my groups Google doc and get my group-mates pissed off. Number three, I write a question and it gets deleted and then another one and then another one and then another one and then another one and then another one and then another one and then…you get the idea and then my group-mates say I didn’t write anything down. Number four, we get lost trying to find the submission for our Google docs link then I completely forget to post it. Number five, me sucking at research for the Former Marine Barrack. Number six, skipping ahead means more waiting. Number seven, refusing help to get tabs then asking for help later to get tabs. Number eight, right now, I’m writing this reflections and my computer is about to die (in battery).

Eight bad events in 6 hours…yeah, good things? Zero and a half. The half is me writing this right now. I’m not going keep talking about this and beating myself up anymore…

Getting Chased By Dogs…On A Reflection

Yes, I’m writing this down while being chased by dogs. Okay scrap that, I am writing this on a sturdy desk in English class at precisely  1 o’clock thirty nine minutes 15 seconds 21 nanoseconds (Yes I counted).

Anyway, for my Author’s Choice Process on getting chased by dogs, I did pretty good because I didn’t big long sentences and I was very energetic, however, I think I went by the facts to quick and messed up on some words, take note that I extemporaneously said the whole story and process. I learned about how to lessen the words (I’m sure if ‘lessen’ is a real word) and added more visual ads and put very little detail and just talk detail.

For doing it again, I would give a little more explanatory on the characters and not fumble up on the words and make improvisation a little less obvious. Also I would organize my work a little more, talk slower and guide them in the right path.

How habits can hurt you mentally and physicaly (It hurts)

Bad habits… They are harmless while young, but sting while old. Usually, you make them, but occasionally be born with it. I was born with three; ADHD  (Attention Defect Hyperactive Disorder which means I often forget important things, I can’t keep still, I can’t concentrate for long periods of time and my body is slower then my brain meaning I can’t react as fast); Motor Underdevelopment  (Which means I my body movement is funny and I’m very slow at running or walking) and a very quick temper  (I mean very quick).


Enough of that, usually the Motor Underdevelopment isn’t really a bad habit and I didn’t realize my temper until the age of 10, but ADHD is a born bad habit. It consist of me falling ASLEEP in class, forgetting homework or important projects and the inevitable loss of appetite and not being able to concentrate during testes.  All those are why it is a bad habit because I get skinny, I get in serious trouble, I got failing marks, I tend to miss important details. It’s not easy living like this, however, I’m getting better as I write things down, I try to eat more, I ask the teacher if I could go to a quiet place during a test and I make sure i get enough sleep the night before. However, something like this for bad habit is already not good because the bad thing is; this kind of habit is PERMANENT, but you can lower the chances of this happening.

However, now I’m already seeing improvements since I bring in homework at a decent level, I don’t fall asleep in class anymore (Except for some occasions first period Chinese), I get BETTER marks at school and I’m eating much more now. However, unlike most bad habits, there is not ‘Erase’ in this so I’ll just have to deal with this however, it’s also a good habit because it tends to protect me from social influences as I often don’t care or forget about it and sometimes not being able to concentrate protect me from numerous threats as if it was never there. So in all reality, ADHD as prove to be a bad habit at first, but now starting to improve a lot.

A New Bird (Literally)

Science Class, your normal everyday connection to a fascinating world. Today, we had to create a ‘new’ bird who could adapt to it’s environment whatever that may in both structural and behavioral adaptations. The minute the Teacher said a  ‘new’ species, an idea formed in my head. This project of creating a bird could also be fictional, so I was thinking, “Hm… let’s not be boring and create a bird that just changes a little. Let’s make an entirely new and creative creature”, but yet people thought it was  little stupid and far fetched, but I just continued with the idea.

You wanted to know what the idea was? Let’s see, take something that didn’t exist and another thing that didn’t exist and combine them. Not in mythology or fairy tales, something that started with a P and ended with a N. P-o-k-e-m-o-n. Yep, and from three generations, Generation 2, Generation 4 and Generation 5, Gliscor, Skarmory and Acheops, taking all three and putting them together and taking some real live things and inserting them in wasn’t a challenge. It was the name that gave me the most trouble and the adaptations, I wanted it to look real, but still kept the elemental types and special abilities, so I thought the steel body could have Skarmory’s Steel typing, flight advantage for Gliscor’s typing and climbing ability for Acheop’s typing.

The name, I wanted to combine all three names, and it was hard, because I wanted something that sounded good and catchy. So I had to decide which to put first, middle and last. So finally after six attempts, the common name: Glisceops and the Scientific name: Skarcops Glisceops came in. The environment was probably the least detailed and confusing part as I didn’t explain it clearly. The drawing came out pretty good and the Teacher even said ‘Bird’ even it looked nothing like a bird in the end. Here’s a picture.

Russell’s Bird Drawing


Patterns, great. 1..2…3…4…5…6…What’s the next number? 7. Well if you think that’s it, well reader, you have no idea of what you just said. Now it’s 2…6…24…120…720.what’s the next number? Yeah it’s that.

Usually I hate patterns, but now I’ve learned a lot from it such as dealing with fractions, negative numbers, very big jumps and using all operations. However, I really disliked the fact that there are so many rules for EACH and every pattern, it’s really time consuming and very brain rattling, you have to do this for that and if just one number changes the whole rule changes, but I don’t really have any questions left anymore since every gap has been filled up. Also remember the saying ‘You’ll be using math in everyday life too’ so guess what? This is now an official member, yep patterns is also used in everyday life such as figuring out the amount of something through the frequency of numbers or with mind games. There’s a lot do do with math and no I’m not going to do any boring remarks.

Here’s picture of what patterns look like complex.

img-1250808-0001 3

Shi Huang Di (No I’m Not Going To Do Talk About Him)

Shi Huang Di, First Emperor Of China,  My Project go.

This Project…I could give my opinion on, but I’ll leave it there. I’m here to discuss the skills I learned.

I learned how to include in-text citations and learned more about the format of a historical essay as seen on the bottom.


Also I learned how to manage my time and organization, but I’m still terrible at those things. Yeah… My apologies for not writing that much in this post.

Anyway, there are two parts to this project, a group project and a solo project which is all one project so the group project and the solo project are part of the same project. HA! How many times did I say projects just now (without counting)? The group project is where I learned time management and organization and the solo one is where I learned how to do a hamburger method and in-text citation.

Another thing is…MORE RESEARCH SKILLS, yep. The research skills are note-cards, paraphrasing and more evidence gathering! In addition, the evidence gathering is now USING EVIDENCE, yep same as in-text citation, but in your own words. Now we have…WORKING WITH OTHERS IN A PRESENTATION! Yep presentation skills, waving your hands around the poster and saying important facts when you have no idea what you are saying or the meaning is just what I mean…No seriously, you say something then point to the poster, you memorize your lines, you look at the audience and I don’t care if you have stage fright, it’s for a good grade.

That’s all.


Words: Beach, its man-made, it destroys the environment, it gives people jobs, the government approves and there is a high risk in the water. Questions:Environment: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Human Ingenuity: Beach=Attraction=Tourist come=They move in=money?  Through through the HI lens, we can see they want to make an artificial beach to make some money and attract tourist. However through the Environment Lens, we can see that it will wipe 200 species and destroy the entire environment. That All.

Dividing Fractions Video


This is a one minute video about how to divide fractions with the professor (me). It took a long time to do this so don’t think this is kind of…lame. There are a few tiny errors in this video which is some of words been cut off so pay attention to the I-movie corrections also give feedback about the movie and no I can’t answer the question about why it got cut off, it just happened and it’s not fixable. So I guess you can just watch this.


New years are here… with the first blog post (not exactly if you count them all together). Also it’s back to school day, and most of us just can’t wake up because it’s been a long time since we woken up so early. I didn’t really do much of anything over the holiday, just stay at home most of the time…and since I had a whole lot of delays for not writing this I can’t really remember anything except a really boring ball…

The ball is always the same, you go there sit down and for the first 3 hours you listen to this guy talk and talk and talk. Also the music there is really lame, it’s the “Hookey Pokey” or “What time is it?”. One thing is, they have no idea what were listening to today… That kind of music is form the 50 or 60…

Curiosity about Mars

This morning, I just read an article about planet mars, NASA launched a space craft to mars, a robot on wheels called Curiosity with a digging function with arms to help analyze to soil and rock also a laser beam to crack open rocks to analyze whats it’s made of form a distance. Scientist believe mars has ice water, others believe life is needed on mars. Curiosity will analyze all rocks soil to determined if life is suitable. Curiosity will stay on mars for 1 mars year. That’s 687 earth days so that’s pretty much 2-3 years earth time. Curiosity is not the only one staying for a long time, a friend named Opportunity rover that has been on mars since 2004. There are a lot more devices roaming around mars, but I won’t mention it,  because it’s the end of the article.

Ok phrase two, My thoughts are that with that many devices around mars, they will find a lot of data in no time. Also I think that Curiosity is the most useful because it can analyze the surface to see if life is suitable, but the other are effective too. That’s pretty much all I can think of. Until the next post… which will probably take a really long time. Click here for the article.

It’s Been A While Since I’ve Written

I know I haven’t wrote anything in a while for some good reasons. 1: Homework (A Lot), 2: I had to go to this Clinical Psychologist to test my mooter skills, 3: I had to go to another test in the same week for the same thing, 4: My parents started to give me assignments to train my skeletal system, 5: Market (I’ll get to that later in my post). So in other reasons, I was way too busy to write. Your probably wondering why I put the first three reasons, but I it will take to much time. Maybe I put it in some other time. Other then that I explain about the market not the entire thing, just from setting it up. We did this market to help WorldVision and our WorldVision friend Dilina Sathsara AMAL. We started to carry the desks to our location and that was near the grade 6 classrooms (Not including ours). When we finished we started business right away but we did not get a lot of people. We only made 6$ in the first 10-15 minutes. Then it got a little busy with the market in recess, we didn’t get a lot of people but we did make 70$. Around the Grade 4’s and 3’s lunch time, it started to get really crowded lots of students flooded the the area, visiting everywhere. Even though we got a lot of people we made over 100$, pretty good start for beginners. So that’s how this whole market went and why I have not written in a while and probably won’t for some time again.

Typhoon 8

We had an unexpected typhoon hit yesterday. It was raining hard and the wind was insane. When I watched the news, it said that a lot of property was broken and some landed on some people. They were servilely injured and were taken to the hospital for treatment. After all that, I didn’t really want to go outside, especially after these accidents. After a few hours of doing my own things, my mom said we had to go out and eat lunch.

I wasn’t surprised about that at all, I just got the feeling of when you’ve been expecting this and was waiting for it to happen like “It’s going to happen. I just know it. It wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t happen. 5 4 3 2 1…” Then it happens. Well we did go as my mom said so. When we went out, the wind was as strong as ever.

After lunch, we went home, by that time it was typhoon three, but the wind was still harsh. Then I just did a little Chinese review with my dad then I went to brush my teeth and… You know the rest.

Poetry with 6B

Today we had to do a presentation about our type of poetry in a small 2-3 group with 6B. I had to go first so I showed my type of poetry “Lies”. It was pretty quick before it was over… Not because it was short, ok a little bit. My poetry was about lie poems which I’m not going to talk about since it’s kinda longish short. I can tell you a preview not that I didn’t finish it… When I came to the questions the devil got inside of me. So I decided to answer them like a devil would making it funny also. I’ll give you an example “How do your poems affect people?” “It’s pretty normal nonsense, but can annoy person so much, they wish they never asked which is my favorite part.” See what I mean? The most easiest part is making up the lies, I mean we all have lied once or twice in our lives. I put the entire slide in my blog. So for now. Goodbye.

First Post In Grade 6

Here we are! The very first blog post of grade 6! Let me tell you one thing, it’s not as lame as the very first grade 5 post.

Our UOI is the same old “Who We Are”, but in a different way. We are learning about conflict and the five birds Owl, Woodpecker, Hummingbird, Parakeet and the Ostrich. These birds play a role in a conflict as a collaborator (owl), competitor (woodpecker), compromiser(hummingbird), accommodator (parakeet) and the avoider (ostrich).

Also my blog has some updates. My menu will be the first thing you notice plus all my grade 5 post are now in “Grade 5 Archve” and I have an new class photo and I changed my name.

That’s all for now.

The Big Exam

This question keeps orbiting in my head for the final exam tomorrow. The question is “How will I  prepare for the final exam?” I still haven’t found the answer but I have a few bright idea and they are. Use the flash cards at home, write every thing I know down, get help from my dad who is a doctor and just write notes of every thing. So now that’s how I will study before the big final exam!

Online Safety

Today, we heard about taking care of our computers for the summer and online safety. We heard a big lecture in the LLAC about safe behavior and age appropriate games and keeping your body safe too. After all that we had another big lecture about safe behavior online and accounts and all that. For more info check out the link below. [youtube][/youtube]


Hello. I know the last post as kind of lame because it was only one line, but that was my parents not me! This a much better review then the last one. On April 29 our SLLR started (Student Led Learning Review). A SLLR is basically where we students led the way, explaining what we have been learning and our progress. It usually takes 30 minutes to finish the tour but fir me it took about an hour. I was supposed to come at 1:15 but I came at 1:05 a little early but okay. We started right away, first we did UOI over view first. Then tech with our mac books and blog stuff. Then we did some mathematics and last literacy. It was 25 minutes already, my parents urged me to do Chinese which wasn’t so good. It was time but my parents said “Keep going” so on to P.E and French then Music. Then we went home. Bye

Artifact Game

Since March, We have played this artifact game. The rules of the game is to interpret the artifact given like the one on the top. Interpret means giving it meaning to what you guessed., guessing is just making a answer without meaning and you don’t look clearly at it.  Like who, what, where and when, or some other questions like what was it used for? What is significant about it? Then the teacher gives us the answers so we can check it. You give it a try! Post a comment below to see what you think this is.

Cemetery Vist

Today, we went to a cemetery to find out about HongKong’s history and stuff. It took 20 minutes to get there. We had our own bus with no one else on broad except for us. So on the way there one of my classmates dropped his clipboard and said poble se tan tomble and we all laughed. Well at the cemetery we got into our groups mine was Ragging Raptors, the group with a sense of adventure later on we did that but first we checked the graves. Some of the teachers gave us some advice like “don’t miss the military graves because they talk a lot.”  What they meant was they have the most info to the past. We did it and got about 12 notes under 20 minutes. the cemetery graves were full so no one can be burred there so don’t be offended. By the way it was they since 1811. After about 30 minutes we started to go higher and higher to see graves then farther into the cemetery until when we turned around we were lost. Then after 45 minutes we got out and by that time it was time to go what a bummer but on the other side what a adventurer.

Iqbal Reflection

Hello all! In class we are reading Iqbal, a young child hero, who has freed many children from slavery. When I read the topic I didn’t think much of the book, I thought “So this book is just about the persons life,like a dairy or something.” Then I read the back and rethought about it. “Okay it’s about the person life in slavery and this little Pakistani girl telling the story and how the master acts.”  You know stuff like that.From where I am from the book a lot not just a lot I mean a lot lot lot of vocabulary words I never knew before. I also learned about a slavery though a child’s eye’s just like Iqbal.  The most hardest part was understanding the concept and the vocabulary. Here is a picture of Iqbal.

DJ5 And Zia’s blog post :)

Hello! Now this is a blog post about me and my buddy Zia. Zia here has 2 pet fishes. Well one is dead and the other one is alive. The alive one is named Shimmy and the dead one is Swimy. Now I have a pet rabbit named Bisect. Actually it’s my sister’s pet. OK Thats pretty much the end of the talk because little Zia has to go now. Bye Bye.

Chinese New Year Holiday

I’m back! I know I haven’t wrote in here for a while because I was on a Chinese new year holiday. Let me tell you about it. I finally got to take my Macbook home for the first time. For the first three day I just stayed at home playing on Macbook,wait on the first day I went to my friend’s house to hang out. Then for the next two days on my Macbook,well not exactly on my Macbook just try to find out how to get Wi-Fi. On the third day at night I went to the airport to pick up my mom at sister who just got back from KL. Now we had another trip to go to in Tokyo or someplace around Tokyo. So we got though customs, Bag X-ray etc. After all that we got on the plane. Oh yeah! We were traveling with mom,sister and some of my mom’s friends. We went skiing. I can remember when I flew off my skies and landed on a mound of snow. Yes. Quite a landing.

Well that’s all for now until then.

Grade 5 Lets Make It Happen

YEAH! The performance is tonight and it’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait to get on the stage to preform and sing the Earth Song. Woo!

Now, that the concert is over were back to normal by the way the first sentence I wrote was before the concert. Now this is after the concert. Get it? Since we went though a lot of rehearsals and getting things right I would like to thank our music teacher Mr.Shaw, the Grade 5 team and the teacher assistant Mr.Dave for encouraging,supporting and helping us though out difficult parts and memorizing our cues and lines and a special thanks to my team for organizing a great play and working this out. That’s all!


My Winter Break

Happy New Year! I just got back from my winter break. Like the last one let me tell you about it. The break was two weeks long but time gone passed so slowly,to me it felt like summer vacation even though it was cold. Really cold extreme cold super cold OK just cold. Once it was 24º then the next day 10º the crazy whether was always changing from warm to cold or cold to warm or cold to deep freeze. Get it? Now the break started off chilly.  Just like the mid term break I have nothing much to say about the break until Christmas. So let me get started on Christmas day I woke up early then ran to the living room and saw the presents under the Christmas tree. With my moms permission I opened the presents then spent the rest of the day playing my my new presents. Now I am going to talk about the new years countdown and how boring it was. There was rarely anything to do because they spent so munch time doing prizes and stuff. It was so boring that many people got out the electronics and played with them. The real party didn’t start until after the countdown. Now after that was finished we went home. Now that’s pretty munch the end of the end of the break so bye.

The Book Challenge

For the last ten days we had to go to the library and pick out a novel that has at least 100 pages.

I picked out the Hardy boys:The case of the physic vision. It’s about this family of physics one girl one boy and a mom and dad. The hardy boys are sent out to investigate about this mysterious family. In the end they find out that this family means no harm, they just want to help.images

Photo Of The Day

Hello again today the photo of the day is monkeys. These monkeys are go by the name of Long-tailed macaques that live in Lopburi, north of Bangkok. The monkeys are really tired from eating at the buffet. They are cuddled in one group when sleeping. At first I felt really shocked because usually animals aren’t aloud in temples or buffets, but now I understand why they were aloud it was a special event for all monkeys. Click here


Hello all, this is the word perspective as you know this very boring for you adults. Anyway, the word perspective means like the person’s point of of view which usually leads to arguments which leads to fights physically and on and on until one of them gives up now I’ll shorten it up to four words. Different points of view. The word perspective is like one person sees one event like “He jumped into the pond and went to the bout.” And then another person come and says ” He was in the pond and went to the bout.” And started the argument and hate each other see total different story’s. You use the word perspective when you need to explain your point of view. Your perspective is different from the others by seeing things from another angle or time. You can tell by the way they are saying the speach


Greeting stranger,this is wa$ted for you polluters out there… ha ha ha it was a joke a joke not an insult for the polluters out there. Well if don’t know what I’m talking about then “Hello stranger from outer space welcome to Earth. Now zip it and get to work. We have a lot to do or get out you don’t belong on Earth unless you get working.” Not in a mean way….. not in a man way. Anyway lets get the main part out wa$ted is a movie about these people who commit a Ecocrime like burning trash, dumping garbage in the trash. Then people who called themselves Ecoheros, hero hero hero. Okay Okay I’ll stop the echo ho ho ho. Fine I’ll stop now, the Ecoheros are hero’s who help these people stop there Ecocrime with only 3 three weeks. They take the first week to teach them a green way to dealing trash. In the end they do something like a cash bin and tell them in three weeks we will come back with ether 100s of $ or a few coins. So the there crimes come stop and go the green way as told.

Our New Unit Of Inquiry-Garbage/Solid Waste

Our new unit is just getting started, here are some things I already know. First, we start with trash/garbage our main problem on planet earth and how we are all was throwing stuff out never using the 3Rs blah blah blah that’s all baby stuff. What the real problem here is you know all this stuff we throw out goes? The Landfill. Exactly. So almost a quarter of our earth’s resources are used up to make landfills. Now that’s our real problem here.

I expect that this unit is going to be more informative then the last ones. Also, even more ways of how to help this world garbage problem. Last, more activates on garbage to help people use the 3Rs.

Now I feel more excited about this unit just talking about it. So impatient about this unit and I feel like jumping up and down now. Also I can go on talking and talking and talking but I will stop now.

My October Break

My break wasn’t all much to talk about because I just stayed home pretty much the whole time. Still I have some to tell you about my break so it stared like this. It was a typical Monday when I woke up did my morning routine then just sat around I have not much to say about these days where I just stayed home all day doing my stuff. Oh yeah on Tues I was watching the weather report and they said something about an incoming storm in the area and Typhoon3 was hosted.

On Thurs my friend invited me over to his house. I came over and we played for a while, until we played “get me out of the top deck of the bunk bed”.  The point is I Go up the bed and he and his brother tries to get my down. Well that got me stuck the for almost 2 HOURS. So eventuality they got me down and I gone home. Also that is pretty much the end of my holiday. Oh yeah this how high the bunk bed was.


Blog Action Day-Water

This is Water action day on blogs! We need your support for billions of people dying of dirty water.About let see….4310 of people die of unclean water EVERY WEEK,EVERYWHERE! Where people are dying they need your support for a living! People use too much water that includes you.This is one chance,one world,AND ONE YOU to help make a difference in the world. Help support Blog action day by spreading the word to people.Thousand of voices are calling for help because someday the issues might hit you! We need your help Now on October 15 2010 because the whole world is counting on you. To get more info click here!!

Our New Unit Of Inquiry-How The World Works

What I know about this unit is that liquid,gas and solids can not be destroyed it just keeps on coming like matter.Even if you destroy things it is still there even if you can’t see it.Like wood to ash tree to stump sheep to wool etc. Also the best matter is the most invincible because matter is a strong,tough thing that can not be destroyed easily.

What i don’t know about the unit is what is boss Einstein and plasma?When were they discover?What does Evaporation,Condensation and Hydration mean?How do materials have properties?

I feel excited for this unit on How the world works.A little bit nerves because i never did this unit before. Last overwhelmed because of all the projects i will be doing.