IB Learner Profile Trait #4 – Caring

They show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. They have a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.

Being caring isn’t just about helping others. It’s about being respectful of others, showing compassion and having a personal commitment to service. Acting to make a positive difference not because they are forced too, but because they want to. During service week to Sabah, we helped the local community. We split into groups and worked on different sections, I worked on the road making. This included hand mixing cement, digging space for the road and moving heaving loads. After seeing the schools condition, I genuinely wanted to help and by working as a team, our group was able to complete the road that would help vehicles drive up the steep mountain to the school. My family also has monthly donations to a local salvation army. I believe that these show my “caring” trait because it demonstrates my commitment to service as well as my respect, empath and compassion towards others.

Working on The Roads in Sabah

Bringing cement to fill up the dug out road

Salvation Army 2

Salvation Army 1

The Salvation Army that we donate to

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