IB Learner Profile Trait: Open Minded

Evidence #1: I visited kids in parts of Yuen Long who were underprivileged and in poverty and saw their lifestyles.

Evidence #2: I visited many universities over the summer breaks, and each one I had gone to with an open mind.

I believe that my experiences for both these two pieces of evidence are drastically different, however they both demonstrate my open-mindedness towards a local and global community. I believe that my trip to Yuen Long has helped me understand that Hong Kong still have people like this, and has really opened me up to the world that is around me. This can also be applied to my second experience, which is traveling to different countries to go to summer schools in renown universities. This experience has also helped me to understand other people’s country, and even the university itself. With an open mind, I believe that my thoughts towards different universities will be different and will be a lot easier when time comes to choosing one.

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