IB Learner Profile Trait: Caring

Evidence #1: CAS Week Fiji: Interaction with underprivileged school / schoolchildren

Evidence #2: Going to old people homes and giving out presents

Through my experiences in life, I have done quite a bit of community and service. I believe that I have contributed to not only the local community but the global community as well by partaking in events such as these two examples. For the first one, I went on the Fiji CAS trip, and it’s main goal was to help an underprivileged school build roads so that the kids could walk to class safely everyday. Also, I visited retirement homes in order to give gifts that included food and other miscellaneous items for the elderly. Doing this made me feel very accomplished inside, and I believe that I care enough for these people to help them better their lives in one way or another, small or big.

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