LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Through my CAS project of volunteer teaching, I was made aware of the consequences of my actions. I knew that teaching english would be difficult for not only me but also the students involved, so I had to often consider how much the students would actually take in given what we taught. I knew that on one hand, if I made the class entered around topics that couldn’t yet be grasped, it would essentially be pointless, but on the other hand, if it was too simple, they would be taking in information that they already had, hence also being useless. I knew that through my prior investigation into the backgrounds of the students, a large part of their learning would be related to the use of Mandarin to explain the ideas (as they came from different parts of mainland China), so by occasionally using Mandarin for explanation as well as forcing them to use as much English to articulate their points as possible, they were able to improve their understanding and speech of English and taking away the most from my classes.

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