LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I have shown commitment to my CAS project and to extracurriculars, such as school clubs and outside sports. For my CAS project, I try to organise classes (albeit for different students) when I have a school break. Regular classes is just not realistic given the challenging schedule of 12th grade, but I still try to make the most out of my time on the holidays. The classes take roughly the same format: teaching basic english topics to refugees and immigrants staying in Hong Kong, around 2-3 times per week when the classes do happen. Through the school club, particularly the business club, I was able to show my dedication during the club when trying to set things up for the family fun fair. As I was the product sourcer, I spent countless hours arranging details with the supplier of our product (water bottles), as well as sorting out logistics for payment and delivery. Though there were many barriers along the way (for example our school requiring a receipt of the order and the supplier going dark for a few weeks), I was able to stick by the club and sort the whole thing out, resulting in a successful family fun fair booth and sale. Though my schedule will only get busier from here, I hope to be apart of these activities for as long as possible.

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