LO3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

For my CAS project, teaching english to new immigrants and refugees in Hong Kong, the CAS stages were something that were demonstrated to a great degree. Investigation required me to contact the New Home Association, the place at which I would be teaching, as well as get background information on those that I would be teaching. This was closely linked with preparation, as I could plan lessons accordingly. Learning that the students were mainly from mainland China and knew little to no english, I knew that the classes had to only contain the most basic information, but was still necessary (such as telling the time, or buying groceries). Not only that, but I had to book the venues at certain times in order to organise the class beforehand. Next was the action. To actually teach, I involved a partner with me who had some experience with volunteer teaching in order to smoothen out the lesson. As well, they were more fluent in Mandarin than I was, so that allowed our ideas to get through to the students more easily. An hour class is conducted around 2-3 times a week, and has allowed for the students to gain a better understanding of the english language. I have reflected on the fact that our education is very important and means a lot in the real world. The people that I have taught have often come down to Hong Kong from mainland China in search for a better job and better quality of life, often as farmers or without much education back at home. It goes to show how privileged we are because of this, and that all types of people exist in this world. It also made me realise the importance of being a teacher, and how they are highly necessary for many people in this world. I also believe this has helped me with my planning and leadership skills, as I have been an integral part of making this happen, starting with little to no knowledge about teaching and leading a class to going and teaching 2-3 times a week on a consistent basis.



preparation, action, reflection (ongoing) and demonstration,

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