CAS Project

During the winter break of 2016, I have been participating in a charity organisation which provides free lessons in english for new immigrants and refugees in Hong Kong. I chose this project as I believed it would help me with my interpersonal skills, as well as other important aspects, such as leadership and collaboration with others. As well, I wanted to contribute to the local community through education and share knowledge and experiences that I have gained with other less privileged people. At this point in time, I believe that this project has already helped me improve my communication skills with others, as I can now get points across more clearly and more concisely through the teaching of others.

To prepare for this project, I had to contact the institute that I had been referred to in order to organise and schedule classes as well as book a location for the lesson to occur. I also had to plan beforehand, allocating every other weekend to this project. This meant I had to balance my schedule around this, and this has definitely made use of my organisational skills, and indefinitely improved it. To actually take action and teach, I had to involve a partner to teach with me. After all the planning, an hour class is conducted, teaching people from ages 20-50 basic english, for example numbers, how to tell the time, grammar rules, etc.

After teaching for almost 5 months now, I have reflected on the fact that our education is very important and means a lot in the real world. The people that I have taught have often come down to Hong Kong from mainland China in search for a better job and better quality of life, often as farmers or without much education back at home. It goes to show how privileged we are because of this, and that all types of people exist in this world. It also made me realise the importance of being a teacher, and how they are highly necessary for many people in this world. Previously, I had taken education for granted and didn’t think much of school, but this activity has changed my views on this.



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