CAS Takeaways

I believe over the course of different CAS activities and experiences, I hope to gain a greater understanding and respect for the world around us, not only locally in Hong Kong, but globally as well. I want to mainly focus on the service aspect, as I believe that is the most important part of the CAS program. With this, we can actually give back to the community around us, whether it is sharing knowledge, sharing emotions, even donations / charities, we are giving back to the world around us. As well, it will be a good experience for me as I believe activities such as interaction with people less fortunate and living in their shoes would strongly improve my knowledge of the wider world, as experiencing is understanding. Compared to the static everyday tasks that we must do (school, homework, tutors), I believe these activities may also switch it up and provide variety our lives, making it ever more entertaining.  Another takeaway from CAS is to be a better leader. Through activities such as CAS week, participating as a group leader or being in charge of a role (photography, yearbook, video, etc.) would help me interact better with friends and peers. Leadership is very important nowadays, and I believe CAS can help me become a better one. In the end, I want to be a more well-rounded person with more knowledge about the world we live in. Regarding my project, I  will be tutoring children (less fortunate) in a class-teacher style. I will be a teacher, aiming to improve their english skills. One skill I wish to develop through this are my communication skills. I will be interacting with many people indefinitely , especially during teaching. I want to express thoughts and emotions in another language (cantonese / mandarin) more effectively in order to communicate properly with children of other backgrounds.


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