6. Language

What are the characteristics that you feel best describe language? Why?
I believe that all language is perceived very differently and varies from person to person. However, language can only be language if there are common boundaries and structures that are generally known by everyone speaking that language. One of these requirements is that it has to be expressible. It does not matter what language it is (body language, sign language, spoken languages, etc.), but it has to be shown in one way or another in order for another person speaking the same language to understand what you are saying. The second characteristic is that all language has to follow some sort of structure. For example, in the english language, we have different rules such as subject-verb agreement, past/present tense, etc. However, rules¬†have to be present in other languages as well, or else¬†always saying something different will not result in a person understanding the speech. The final important characteristic of speech is that it has to have meaning. We can only understand and perceive language if words have meanings behind them, and without meaning we wouldn’t have proper language.


What might be some of the weaknesses of language?
One weakness is that it always requires 2 or more people to understand and speak a language. For example, babies are able to “baby-talk”, but if no one speaks their language, no one is able to understand the meaning behind the words, although there is intention and meaning inside the baby’s head.

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