Music: Line 120 Crit D Reflection

1. How do you think you did with your performance assessment? Did you perform as well as you thought you would, or not?

I think that I did fairly well during the assessment, but I believe I played worse than I thought I would. It was a lot harder playing inside the room than when I was practicing outside of it. I believe that my performance was not up to my standards because normally, I put in quite a bit of effort into performing the song correctly according to the book. For some reason, I did not play as well compared to the times I practiced this song.

2. If you performed worse than you expected, explain why. If you performed better than you expected, explain why.

It was a lot harder playing inside the room than when I was practicing outside of it. It was harder to put air into the instrument to blow the notes out, so I believe that I sometimes ran out of air, or that I could not play the note accurately. I tried to correct this by playing softer to make myself use less air, but that did not really work. Also, I squeaked the first note, so I tried to make a reed adjustment to see if it would work, yet it did not do much. I believe this partially contributed to why I believe I did not do as well.

3. Explain your rehearsal process.

I spent around 15 minutes each day at home this week, and also spent time in class to rehearse this line. I practiced all aspects of the song such as dynamics, articulation, note accuracy, etc. I make sure to follow the song exactly the way it is written. Also, I start by using an online tuner to make sure my clarinet is tuned properly. However, in the 15 minutes that I had in class prior to taking the test, I did not do this step.

4. Which of the following was the most successful: note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tone quality, breathing/phrasing?

I believe that rhythm accuracy was the most successful. I was able to play the rhythm correctly, and still maintain a solid tempo. I was able to do the majority of the slurs, and the notes were consistent throughout. I also believe that my note accuracy was good, as I did not play incorrect notes during the test.

5. Which of the following was the least successful: note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tone quality, breathing/phrasing? Can you explain why?

I believe the least successful was tied in to what I mentioned previously. I did not have enough air going into the clarinet, so I believe that the breathing/phrasing was not done as good as I hoped to be. I also struggled a bit with tone quality, as I could not play the notes with 100% of my air. This also tied in to how I believe my articulation was lacking in the performance. I could not fully do all the articulations such as the staccatos. Also, I did not do very well in the dynamics aspect as I was running out of breath throughout the piece.

6. How can you specifically (not musicians in general) improve your level of skill in a realistic manner?

I think that definitely more practice in the future could help me improve my level of skill. Also, getting songs that are more challenging and learning them (perhaps off the internet) could also improve my exposure to the instrument. Also, I need to get more prepared for situations that involve performing in front of people, as I believe I have a certain level of stage fright, so that could also impact the quality of my performance. This could include performing in front of my parents more, attending more competitions outside of school, etc.

7. Discuss how another musician has inspired you to be more successful (this could be someone in school out in the community, or can be someone who doesn’t even play the same instrument as you).

I think that a musician that has inspired me is my piano teacher. She has exposed me to much music over the years, and I believe those skills I’ve learned from her (theory, ways to have a perspective on music, etc.) can be transferred into all aspects of music. Although she does not play the clarinet, I believe the skills I have learned from her over the years have benefitted me when playing the clarinet.

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