CAS Week Pre-Trip Post

Before going to Fiji for this year’s CAS week, I am excited for what is to come this week. I chose this trip because I wanted to experience Fiji for what it is, eg. it’s strong history / culture, sights, activities, etc. I have never been to Fiji prior this trip, so that makes me even more excited for this week. I expect us to be doing a lot of service work, and I also am hoping to experience the spectacular scenery of Fiji. This week, I am also excited to meet new people I have never had the chance of knowing beforehand. Hopefully, this trip will give me an experience that I will not forget for years to come.

One thought on “CAS Week Pre-Trip Post

  1. Ryan,
    Glad to see that Fiji has aroused such a curiosity in you. I’m sure it will be a richly experiential trip.
    Mr. P.

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