Ternary Composition Reflection

After finishing my composition, it has been played to the class and my peers have given some valuable feedback. For my composition itself, I have met all the criteria that is needed by the composition rubric. That includes labelling chords, labelling passing tones and neighbour tones, an A B A section, etc. I think that the comments that my peers given me have really given me a good insight into what my composition compares to others. A few of the comments have said that my use of chords in the first A section was a bit repetitive, but the majority of the comments said that they really liked the melody and some even thought it was the best they’ve heard. I believe that this is because of the chords that I had put together, and the clarinet part and the piano part had quite a big contrast, but did not differ completely. An area I can work on is making the dynamics more on point. I think even though that I do have some, my dynamics do not shape the piece enough. I could maybe add more dynamics next time to make my piece more interesting. I think that applications of composition will be used next year in music. I heard that we will also have to be composing, so I think that the practice this year will benefit us all when it comes to that. Also, I do plan on taking music in university, so this basic composition knowledge will help me then. After the whole composition unit is done, I think that this unit was very enjoyable and was informative too. I think that it will benefit people that do have this practice, and will be used in the future.

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