Design Crit D Reflection

  • What have you learned from completing this project?
    I have learned how to use Illustrator with confidence. I came into this project not even knowing what Adobe Illustrator was, but after using it a lot over the past month or so, I am quite confident with my abilities. I believe that after using this effective tool for a couple more months, I could take on some more challenging tasks.
  • How does it relate to the unit question(s)?
    I believe that the visuals of a graphic novel do reinforce a message, but in a way that is more interactive and more interesting to read / look at then pages of text. Also, text can now be visualised through images in a comic rather than having to imagine it yourself. Technology does, in many ways, facilitate the communication of ideas, such as this task. Without current 21st century technology, we wouldn’t even have been able to do this task. Visuals reveal meaning by giving the reader a better understanding of everything in a scene of a book. Most chapter books do not have pictures, so it is hard to show all of the scene in just words. Perspective does change through the use of visuals because maybe you can imagine a particular scene in a different way.
  • What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome these challenges?
    When I started inking, I had gotten the wrong format for the Illustrator page, so that was one of the challenges, but I simply started over and set it up correctly.

If you were to do this project again, what would you differently?
I would do a bit of prior research on how to use Illustrator. I believe that this would speed up my pace when inking and also save me a lot of time trying to find out how to use a certain technique or brush on Google.

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