PE: Aquatic Movement Reflection

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When setting your goals, decide on an area you would like to improve. This could be an area of assessment or your activity levels. Ask yourself:

1. where am I now? (what level do you think you are at?)
I think I am at a 5 out of 8.

2. where do I want to go? (what level do you want to achieve?)
I would like to achieve the highest mark, 8/8.

3. how am I going to get there? (what action am I going to take to achieve my goal?).
I am going to get there by putting more time and effort into P.E. and making sure that I am pushing myself to the limit every class no matter the sport.

When reflecting on your performance, ask yourself:

1. What did I do well and why?
I think we did well at making sure our moves in our plan had matched the requirements of two arms, two legs, and two core exercises. We had carefully planned our basic set of moves before practicing and we eventually agreed on a aqua exercise based routine that included all the movements.

2. What level do I think I have achieved in my performance and why?
I think that I achieved a 5 out of 8 in my performance because although we did all our moves correctly, we had not fully considered all of the attributes to make the perfect routine. We also had some synchronisation issues while demonstrating our routine, which resulted in a messy and at times sloppy looking performance.

3. What do I need to improve and how?
The main thing that we needed to do to improve is to practice more, wether it would be in class or out of class. As mentioned previously, I need to improve on synchronisation, timing, aesthetics, etc. and that can only be achieved by practicing more.

When reflecting on your interpersonal skills, ask yourself:

1. how well did I work with my team members?
I worked quite well with them most of the time and we could usually use all of our time to either perfect our routine or practice.

2. was there any difficulties working with the team and how did you over come them?
For the small majority of the time, my group would either not focus or just ignore everything that was going on, so it seemed like I was the only person who wanted to do something and get a good grade, so I would have to remind them constantly that this actually counted for something in grade 9, and that got them motivated.

3. was there anything you were particularly proud of?

4. Is there any part of being a team member or leader which you feel you need to improve on? e.g communication, taking into consideration other people’s views, making a compromise to achieve agreement.
I think I need to improve on listening to other’s ideas. I may have some pretty good ideas and opinions, but sometimes others also have some good views and I just don’t really accept it. I need to really improve on that to benefit our entire group.

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