Math Exam 2014 Reflection

About a month ago, the grade 8s took a math exam. This exam consisted of everything we learned throughout the course, and included topics such as geometry, integers, simple and compound interest, percentage, ratio, indices and algebra. To study for this test, I had not only reviewed all the past assignments and textbooks, but I also downloaded extra worksheets about each topic. On the exam, I got a 5/8, which is a decent score. I could improve this by focusing more on the topics that are more unfamiliar to me. On the test, I saw that I had the most problems on hard geometry problems. I needed to study the volume and area formulas to understand how to properly do the question. I also had problems on the percentage questions involving compound interest. I can work on this by practicing more on these topics. I had studied for this test for about 7-8 hours over the course of 1 to 2 weeks.

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