CAS Week Grade 8

Last week, the whole grade 8 went on a trip either to Vietnam or to Guilin. I personally chose Guilin, with the majority of the grade also choosing the China trip. We had stayed in Guilin for the first day, and on the second day, we took a cruise down the Li river to get to Yangshuo, and that was where we spent our other four days. The activities we did contained a lot of mud as it had rained really hard before we got to China. The outdoor activities included hiking, cycling, rock climbing, etc. The scenery in Guilin was really nice because there were a lot of mountain formations which were perviously the bottom of the ocean. In Yangshuo, there was a place called West street, and we were given some time at night to walk around and buy things. At night, we would use toothbrushes to clean off our shoes that were covered in mud. Overall, this trip was a big success and I would definitely do it again if I could.

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  1. Rafting is another poulpar way to see the landscape of Guangxi. Most poulpar is the route on the Li River from Yangdi to Xingping, but it’s also possible to hire a raft on the Yulong River as well. The trip takes about an hour and costs 118 CYN (18.75 USD). On this route the river passes some of the finest views in the region, including the view (somewhat exaggerated I might add) on the 20 Yuan note. As an alternative to rafting, you could consider the more expensive, bigger river boat all the way from Guilin to Yangshuo. See some of my photos from rafting on the Li River.

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