8 Bar Composition

For this assignment, we were supposed to make a 8 bar rhythm. As we were only making a rhythm, l only used one note during this assignment, which was B flat (since my chosen instrument is a clarinet in Bb). I had a few problems such as putting a triplet sign. I always had an extra note stuck to the triplet making it four nots in the time of 1, which was not what I wanted. I ended having to change the note at the end to a 4th note to avoid this error. Also, I had to redo like a few bars because when I first started making the rhythm, I realised that I had put the key signature to c major, not B flat major.

Please follow this template if you want to leave constructive criticism on this post.

Does the piece have conjunct and disjunct motion?
Does the melody have an appropriate range?
Does it start and finish on the tonic note?

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