Iqbal Masih

by Sam Kaiser on January 25, 2011

For the past few weeks, my class has been reading a fictional recount of Iqbal Masih’s life. This book tells the story of Fatima, a young girl forced into slavery, along with thousands of Pakistani children whose parents owe debts to carpet masters and brick makers. We read this book to understand more about child heroes and children who aren’t as fortunate as us. This book made me feel depressed because so many people in the world were slaves, even just 20 years ago.The most important thing I’ve learnt, is that anyone in the world can amount to something, it just depends what you do with your life. In the story there was a lot about carpet factories, but almost nothing about brick kilns. So, I would like to learn more about brick kilns. If i were to read this book again, I would just read it alone, so I would be able to get through it faster.

We just finished the book, and at the end it’s really, really sad, because Iqbal is shot and killed. No one knows who murdered him, but his associate, Eshan Khan, announced that it was the Carpet Mafia who killed him. I think it’s unfair for a child of so much hope, to be murdered on one of the Christian holidays, Easter Sunday. He was only 13 years old.

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