Design Day Term 1

by Sam Kaiser on September 14, 2015

Today was the design day for our first design unit this year for science.  We looked at heart valves and how they work and how to design a model that would simulate a heart valve’s functions.  I think today was a really productive day and my group worked really well, so I think one of my big takeaways would be the focus I had when working in my group, and trying to apply that later on in this design cycle.  Another big takeaway I think I have is trying to think more outside the box and not just sticking to the guidelines or the bare minimum, because I think that in design cycles, the project is more interesting and more successful if it’s something that I can work with and that I’m interested in, rather than just doing something that is the easiest or the quickest.  I think that something that I could improve upon for design is planning, because our first prototype we created was made of cardboard, so we couldn’t test it with water, so we had to create another one to test it.  If we had planned better, we could have had just one prototype, because we were happy with the mechanisms in the first one, we just forgot to waterproof it.

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20th Century Timeline

by Sam Kaiser on August 18, 2015


TIE Performance: Freshman Fight Club

May 27, 2015

This was our final performance in Drama and it was focused on Theatre in Education.  Basically we had to use all of our techniques that we learnt this year and put it into our final performance which was focused on an educational message.  One big thing that I took away from this unit was looking […]

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End of Year Reflection

May 18, 2015

Playing This Year: This year, I think I’ve definitely furthered my knowledge of theory and playing skills in music class this year.  For my final playing test, I felt pretty good about my performance, getting a 7 for the Etude.  After the test, I noticed that the thing that has definitely improved for me is […]

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Recorded Scales Melodic and Harmonic Minor – May OK

May 4, 2015
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Composition Unit Reflection

March 23, 2015

For this unit, we had to first create an 8 bar rhythm, then change it to an 8 bar melody, and then extend it to a 24 bar ternary composition, using our own instruments and piano as an accompaniment.  The progress of this piece can be seen under Grade 9 Music, Ponder Your Responder, and […]

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Ternary Composition Summative

March 19, 2015

This is now the final product of my composition.  I have changed some things based on the comments that I received for my ternary draft.  A very big change that I did was actually fixing a very major problem that I had in my draft, which was that I had not changed the key from […]

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Ternary Melody Draft

March 11, 2015

This is my Ternary Melody draft, which is basically an expanded version of the melody that was posted a while back.  A few things have been changed in the first 8 bars, and also 16 bars have been added, all in the same format as before. Changes:  – Throughout the first 8 bars there are […]

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Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales

February 25, 2015
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8 Bar Final Melody

February 5, 2015

From the feedback given, I have chosen to make my melody more complicated.  I have changed some of the rhythms to be more complicated by adding sixteenth notes and dotted eighth notes.  The melody was also commented on by Ms. Jessy Po herself, and she said that I could make it less “do-re-mi”, so I […]

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