TAP Reflection – Passions

by 043073 on April 9, 2014

Here is the link for a college essay that got Kwasi Enin accepted by all 8 of the Ivy League universities, and others as well.

This TAP session was all about finding your passions, academic or otherwise.  Reading this college essay was very interesting to me, because it was written in very simple language, and did not really extend to his academic feats, but he talks about his music and how that helped him get through his academic journey.  I really connected to that because I do not really like some aspects of school but I love other parts of it, and my passions in and out of school have really helped me get through a lot of my school life.  It also amazes me that with that simple college application (also with amazing grades) all of the Ivy League schools accepted him, which is what a lot of students strive for.  I think that it would be amazing to be accepted into an Ivy League school, but it is not like my ultimate goal in life, which is what I think Kwasi Enin believes as well.

My main passion is performing in music and drama, because those are the two things that interest me the most, and most importantly, I think that they are fun and amazing and awesome things to do.  I would love to perform in a show somewhere in front of people and just have fun doing it.  The performance also brings people together and creates a tight-knit group almost like a family, and it creates comfort, so you will always have some form of support.  I definitely want to pursue performing in the future, and possibly teaching performing arts or literature, because that is another thing that interests me as well.


Algebra Unit Reflection

by 043073 on April 8, 2014

In this unit I learned a lot about different types of equations and expressions in algebra. I learned about fractions in expressions, and some interesting new things like inequalities.  We also solved formulas from word problems which I found more difficult than the rest of the problems.  I think I have trouble with the formulas, because I’m not very good at word problems in general as usual.  I think that the mixture of the numbers and words confuses me a little bit and I don’t really think about the questions that well.  I think that I could improve my work on formulas and word problems by working through more questions in the textbooks and also reading about them and how to solve them more efficiently.

Below this is a fun thing that we did in class when we showed how we solved a problem we got wrong in a recent test.


Le cours de français

April 1, 2014

1. Comment qualifies-tu tes efforts et ta participation dans le cours de français? Je pense mes efforts est bien, mais je pense je peux améliorer ma participation, parce que je pense je n’ai participer pas beaucoup des temps dans le classe française. I think that my effort is good, but I think that I can [...]

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Music Composition

March 13, 2014

Composition: This was my original composition.  Even though it was only 8 bars long, I did not know what else to do or what to add.  I looked at the task again and saw that we could use repetition in our composition, so I repeated some of the first few measures after the two half [...]

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CAS Day Beach Cleanup

February 28, 2014

Today for Community and Service (CAS day) we went to the beach to pick up trash that was left in and around the beach.  What we did was my friends and I brought a garbage bag around the beach and found things left around, not just big things but also small parts or small objects [...]

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Design Day – Science

January 27, 2014

Today we had design day for science.   I learned a lot in the Waste Not, Want not unit.  I learned about Photoshop and SketchUp and a lot about dimensions to create my packages.  I think that my working habits really helped me in the Waste not, Want not unit, because it included a lot [...]

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Community and Service Semester 1

January 17, 2014

So this is a reflection of my first semester in community and service.  I did not do much outside of the school, but I did participate with the student ambassadors to help welcome and settle in the new students from the beginning and the middle of the school year.  Basically we organised a few events [...]

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Music Line 18 Process #1

January 13, 2014

Today I started to prepare myself for my Line 18 Music recording due Friday January 18. I listened to the recording and started practicing the piece.  I already was familiar with the song, because I had used it as a warm-up in previous music lessons.  I found it a little bit difficult at first, because [...]

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Drama Term 1 Reflection

December 19, 2013

Well the term is coming to an end and now it’s time to reflect and plan for next term.  This is a reflection for the Drama subject in this term.  In Drama this year we had two units: Melodrama and Improv.  I really enjoyed both of the units, but I enjoyed Improv a lot more, [...]

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Design Cycle Package Reflection

December 19, 2013

Here are my two design packages for the design cycle.  They are the same design only the bottom one is a digital copy while the top one is a physical copy.  I packaged a trapezoidal-esque alarm clock, so I chose to make a trapezoidal prism.  I chose to make a trapezoidal prism over any other [...]

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