Art vs. Science

Art vs. Science

Literature is so accessible in the sense that humans process their ideas and express them through language and words. Using them not only recognize our emotions but in order to define it and explain our experiences to others; making words be seen as the most powerful art form to tell the truth. However, there are other art forms that are linguistic as well which convey reality much better than words can ever do. Although art forms such as painting/photography/and music can be more subjective, they give a more holistic picture of reality. Ultimately, the idea that is produced through the arts is usually “to tell the truth”. We can see that different genres of art can portray the truth, which is why if we look at other fields of study that prove the truth, it would depend on the definition of truth to the certain person. If the truth only means veritable pieces of information such as names, dates, statistics, and concepts then history and human sciences would match however, it differs totally from the arts because it only provides factual reports in comparison to arts as it has the emotional attachment to it. Truth however, could mean a lot more, not simply what happened, but how humans perceived the situations and the impact it had on them.

Science –

  • factual
  • quantitative data
  • no ambiguity
  • emotionally distance
  • logic and reason
  • shared knowledge –> individual experiences that connect you to the art

Language –

  • personification
  • imagery
  • culturally informed/rich + diverse meaning
  • beauty and feeling
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