This week we did many things and had a lot of homework. During P.E we played basketball games, but not matches. Tomorrow we are probably going to play a couple matches of basketball during P.E.

During music we learned the B flat notes and next week we have a test. I’m playing the trumpet and i’ve memorized the fingering but the lip movement and pitch is hard to control.

In french we have had a lot of  test and activities. This week we have had about 3 tests probably. Some were about different items and the others were about vowels and contents.

We had to present our flipped math to one or two of our classmates.For the flipped math presentation it had to be about ratios.

We also had to write a book report on a book we selected. We also started our reading logs and handed them in on Thursday. For the reading log we had to read 30 minutes a day until Thursday.

We had to do R.A.F.T . Raft is a project where we would have to write dialogue or an editorial about Donald Tsang convincing the president of china either to wear uniforms that looks like our schools design and color forever or not. On Friday we will probably record our dialogue doing a voice recording or video. I made mine pretty much alone and I made it a bit funny. I’ve completed the dialogue but have not recorded them.

We created our skits about a conflict and we in a group would have to find out a positive resolution. In my group we had 3 bloopers but a lot of retakes because my friend and I kept arguing about things we would have to say or do.

That was basically all the work we did so far.  In chinese class I had 2 Tests and we’ve had a lot of homework.

So overall I loved and hope we do this much fun again.