by 043068 on September 11, 2013

Welcome to my school Blog! My name is Joey, I am in the 8th grade at CDNIS. I use this blog to reflect on learning and to tell my audience (you guys) a little about my self. Im 13, I’ve lived in Hong Kong since 2004, I have 3 siblings, 1 is half, 1 is step, and 1 is blood. I enjoy playing sports, exercising at the gym, and hanging out with my friends. Thats it for now!


CAS week

by 043068 on May 23, 2014

Friends. They’re important, they make things fun, they make you laugh, they help you, they’re there for you and best of all, they initiate change. How does it start? It starts with a journey, an activity…thats how you can come by friends. Take CAS week. A lot of my friends went to Yangshuo with me, and many of them were in my group. Though they were there, something was different, something about them felt kind of strange to spend time with. What did I do? I met new people; sat with them for lunch and dinner, talked, laughed and took photos. It doesn’t take much to make a friend, it takes a short hello, and maybe walking with them for a while. Names aren’t going to be mentioned but lets say that over the course, they made a lot of the journey fun. The first couple of days, I tried to do well in the group; tried to be the nice guy, tried to help everyone while caving and hiking, and would just talk to people or make them laugh. Thats something you have to do, always be the nice guy. You start talking to people and you can learn you have a lot in common, where they’re from, what they like to do, their hobbies. Dinners were fun, I regularly sat with the girls and surprisingly; they’re just as typical as guys. They can make the same jokes, they have similar senses, and they often like to do crazy stuff like: a competition on who can catch food in their mouth better. Throughout the group there was only one guy who I wasn’t quite close to but that changed. In the beginning we made small conversation, and I’d help him out while hiking but the end of the trip was better. We started talking, we learned more about each other, and we started to share thoughts. Turns out he’s nearly the same as me, he’s a nice, funny guy. Easy to talk to, and very trustable, we ended up talking for 4 hours the day we were going back to Hong Kong. Even though meeting people was important and a fun experience, there were some things about the trip that made it great. The activities; rock climbing, caving and cooking school. Those were the best because while climbing, I learned that I’m quite a fast climber and that I don’t let fear overcome me. I waited patiently to go, and was extremely nervous at first but getting up on the wall, locating the handholds…it became fun. I trekked up to the top, and it took me about 5 and a half minutes. Caving ought to be the best though, I took my first mud bath. We saw geology, we saw what complete darkness was, that was definitely cool. We found the mud baths and wow it was cold, everyone got in, everyone was covered. It was great because we were all smudging mud all over each other. I think it was also a pretty good experience because I learned that I enjoy helping people. When we had to make gaps, or go up on slippery rocks, I’d be standing there offering a hand. I wasn’t asked to do this, it just felt like something good I could do. Cooking, that was pretty good too, we made this appetiser; egg dumplings with meat…it was like a pork meatball with some spices covered in fried egg. By far one of the tastiest things you could try. The 2 vegetable dishes we made weren’t so great, they weren’t exactly the things I’m used to eating but they weren’t bad. If I had to change one thing though, about the trip…I would change the hikes, we all felt that 3 hikes weren’t exactly necessary, and that the overall experience wasn’t too great.


Mathematics Algebra unit

by 043068 on April 8, 2014

In this unit I learned how to simplify equations, to combine terms, expand and group expressions, inequalities, solving complicated word problems, solving for X,and isolating terms in formulas. It was pretty fun but there was tonnes of homework which got very repetitive and some times boring. It was also fun to work with my group and compete for answers, we had lots of laughs and it was fun. What I need to work on is being able to simplify large equations with different terms and numbers. It gets really complicated because you end up writing all over a page…and then you’re wrong. I think i could improve this by paying more attention and focusing on homework in grade 9 when we probably have to do it again. I also could attend revision if need be.


Class of French Reflection

by 043068 on April 4, 2014

I think within class, I participated lots; I’d have my hand up, I’d constantly try to help others and answer questions, and I’d always join in and give my best whenever we played games. I think I did pretty well effort wise but I think I could have put more effort into speaking and writing, I need to find ways to shorten and make more effective use of the words.

What I liked about class was that it was always easy to learn; there were many ways to create study habits and to remember new vocabulary or punctuation. I also enjoyed playing games in class; it was like taking a break but still working, we had lots of laughs too.

What I disliked about class was that towards the beginning; it felt really easy. Reviewing words such as etre and avoir felt too simple. I also disliked that we got tested nearly every week, but those tests for me weren’t that challenging.

2 aspects of my french I’d like to improve are future tense, and speaking in general. I feel that we didn’t study future tense during class, and that I should look into it by talking about it to my teacher next year, or doing writing assignments in future tense. I also need to improve speaking because I feel that doing irregular/regular, feminine/masculine is much more difficult if you’re saying it. I can improve this just by trying to talk more in class. I contribute often but what I say isn’t a lot, I think I could say more.



Sickle Cell Anaemia iBook Survey

by 043068 on April 1, 2014


16 Bar Melody Summative

by 043068 on March 13, 2014

In music class we had to go through a process of creating a melody, I’d done this firstly through creating a rhythm. I placed my notes the way I would want the rhythm to go, and played it back to myself and made changes. I decided not to have such a complex melody, it consisted mostly of eighths, halves, quarters, and whole notes. The reason for this was because on the trumpet, I listen to it and find that slower simpler tones and rhythms fit my instrument better. I felt like I had based the beginning of my song on March Onward, because that song was running through my head; so I tried to create a simpler rhythm with different notations. I also think that with this simple kind of melody, the song becomes easier to remember and play. The notes don’t shoot up and down the page, I tried harder to conjunct the notes, and you can see the kind of wave formation on the screenshot below. I used expressions such as forte and piano at different points in the song. I wanted to try and make things fade a bit easier, I tried to use forte in areas where I wanted eighth notes to sound louder and faster, and I tried to use piano so that the entire song would sound the same volume wise. Also in my song I had only made use of 1 decrescendo, this was because I felt like that area in particular, after having used forte forte; needed to calm down and soften. I felt this also went well with the notation because the decrescendo spans about 8 beats. The notes in these 8 beats are 4 quarters and 1 whole. The decrescendo works with this because you’ll hear in music that sounds only become softer once the notes slow down. I think using eighths or sixteenths would have created a strange effect in the music. Overall I think I did pretty well, but maybe there could have been a way to improve it, and I think that would have been by using different kinds of notes and more articulation


CDNIS Beach Clean Up

by 043068 on February 28, 2014

Today a group of people went to the beach and we decided to clean up,we brought garbage bags and picked up every piece of trash that we could find. I saw that at this particular beach, there wasn’t that much trash, there weren’t huge pieces of plastic and metal just everywhere. It looked pretty nice and there was just lots of bottles and cans.

Some things that surprised me were the cigarette butts, I know that lots of people litter them but when I saw them; it just annoyed me and made me think about how irresponsible these people are. My experience was really different from what I had expected, because I had just expected a lot more. I expected more dead animals, more plastic, larger varieties, but I noticed I kept seeing the same thing. The thing that impacts me is knowing that lots of birds are killed, and its just these tiny plastic pieces which we take for granted; but its hurting the birds and we should take littering into account a bit more. What I liked about the trip was that it was also a good bonding time for other people. It was a time where we weren’t concerned with classes and we could just have a bit of fun talking and help out. The part that bummed me was that it was just cold. I think the people and community need to firstly learn to use less resources, and to rid them properly. Recycle or dispose in the trash.

I think there are two causes to this problem; firstly is the current. Trash in the ocean just gets pushed by the currents and waves, then wound up on the beach. Second is just human stupidity; we’re not realising that throwing plastic or a cigarette butt on the ground is actually really bad. Incredible amounts of birds are just dying due to it, and we need to do something to change it. I think there are other people trying to help; other beach clean ups, people pressuring to recycle, cans and bottles saying dispose properly. It may not be as effective as they expected but i think its helping. With this issue, I think I’d like to learn more about the trash’s origin; who’s dumping, where its being dumped and why.


16 Bar Melody Practice

by 043068 on February 20, 2014

From the rhythm, I moved the notes and created a small melody, I thought it was very simple and just had to use my ears to get the right notes. Leave comments!


Rhythm Practice

by 043068 on February 17, 2014

So in music class, on a joint effort with Rael I created this sheet of music. Sorry theres no recording but hum it in your head! Feel free to comment :)



by 043068 on January 27, 2014

Something I learned

In waste not, want not; I learned how to design a package in a way that met the specifications for our task. It was reusable, aesthetic, structurally stable and most of all environmentally friendly. I also learned a lot about sketch up, and the process of actually creating a package. Its pretty complicated, but the building part of it is really fun.

A personal strength that helped me succeed

During that project; something that helped me was my creativity, when I was designing, my design was simple, but I found something to make it different, and make it better meet the requirements. That was the window for the aesthetics, and the lid lock for structural stability. The lid lock was my idea and it worked very well, it helped me reach the “reusable” requirement.

Something Challenging

The challenging part was recording on our google docs, some of us were so busy being innovative and actually making the product, that we didn’t want to do the writing. I eventually did, but it was challenging because it felt really time consuming and I actually forgot to do something in Criterion C; which almost gave me a 0 -_- For the iBook project I think I could improve by focusing on documenting the work a little better and with more detail.


Line 18 Scarborough Fair Post Recording

by 043068 on January 16, 2014

So I just recorded my assignment and I think I did ok. It feels very weird to play home, and today I don’t know why; but I felt I couldn’t play high notes. I had a headache and fell onto my bed… The recording is also pretty bad because its a laptop recording but its ok. In my opinion, the song is extremely hard to play on trumpet. It asks for mezzo piano, but then you jump from a D to an A…Its going to get loud. Also I hadn’t practiced this song much, so I really relied on the uploaded book recording to get my tempo right. It took me about 35 minutes repeatedly practicing but then when I recorded, I finally got it and I think I did pretty well.


Name the Notes 1 & 3

by 043068 on January 16, 2014

So before we had received a lot of worksheets and I’d like to apologise to my music teacher firstly for not having my sheets scanned, and its a bit late but I hope it counts. So on the first worksheet I had to look at notes and write out what they were beneath it. I thought this was very easy, I got it all correct because I have been reading music for about 4 or 5 years now. Always remember FACE and EGBDW. I can’t find Name the notes 2 but it was the same, and in bass clef. It was harder for me because I had never read bass clef before, but I learned that it was the same as treble, just one line lower. So an A on treble would be on space 2, but in bass its in space 1, so I got all of those correct and missed 1 or 2. I had checked using a picture on the internet with the notes. Name the Notes 3 was pretty easy, because it had both treble and bass, but by then I could read both. It just took a while…

You can see my scan below






































Music recently

by 043068 on January 14, 2014

In P.E we started the swim unit, this meant that music became a full period. I noticed that just lately when I play; it feels a little different. I feel that I’m listening more, my posture has became better, I can hold the weight of the trumpet for minutes, and I’m playing it very smoothly. I look at Mr. Dacho a lot more when I play now, since he lectured us about how to understand his hand gestures, I listened and in the last song we practiced on thursday; I was almost looking at his hand more than my own notebook. I think my classmates and fellow trumpeters are great, but they are very talkative, they like to talk to our percussionist and don’t really listen to mr. dacho, and I think that makes it a little harder for me to concentrate. I honestly think that now that we have full period, the class feels like forever but playing is fun; its nice to hear how coordinated our band is, the sound of a trumpet playing beautiful notes and tonguing. I just hope we could go back and play some old songs…that would be fun :)


Pre Recording of Line 18: Scarborough Fair

by 043068 on January 14, 2014

So its tuesday night and on friday I have a recording for a song due. I have listened to the recording about twice, and what I’ve noticed is firstly, the recording wasn’t played with a trumpet so that makes it a bit harder, but I noticed the tempo was very slow; I think this will make it easier on me as it gives me more time to look ahead of the notes which will keep me a little prepared. I also noticed that the pitch in the recording isn’t very high, the pitch subtly changes but not in such a noticeable way, it sounds smooth, it sounds beautiful and I think when played on the trumpet it will give a different kind of feeling. I don’t know, I forgot my book so I can’t check tonight but from the sound of the recording i don’t think there will be notes springing out of nowhere completely chaining the pitch, and that makes it better for me.


Music 8 Theory Test

by 043068 on January 14, 2014

Through out the unit we had been learning a lot about scales, I had learned to understand the scale by counting the number of sharps, or flats in the scale. On the test I had felt like it was very simple, the beginning was to write out notes and simple scales in either bass or treble clef. I had before been confused how to read bass, as I had always been a treble player, but I learned that the notes on bass were just one line below treble. That made it very easy. The second part was identifying the scale based on the flats or sharps given, and to write the flats or sharps for a scale given. I only messed up on 3 scales I believe, it was just my lack of memory. Other than that I think I did well, I scored a 51/54



Drama 2013

by 043068 on December 21, 2013

This semester in drama, there were a lot of things I learned. In the melodrama unit; I learned how to play a character properly, I learned how to play big, using my entire body to convey emotions. I strengthened my voice and learned how to talk like a girl… The unit also taught me to listen, because I had to know when to speak during the play. I got closer to my partners; physical contact is now very easy. I think my goals for drama would be to utilize and reflect in my DW more efficiently. I didn’t write much inside; but if I did next time, I could improve my grade. Where I’ve grown most would be in confidence, in improv I told myself to get up more and just have fun, and in the melodrama unit; I was able to use all of my voice and acting skills without fear. I think I might take drama next year, other than that; this year was really fun!


My design package

by 043068 on December 21, 2013

I think my package met the requirements at a standard level; my package is strong enough to carry the tumbler mug, my package has a lock mechanism so the tumbler doesn’t accidentally slide out, though my package is a rectangular prism; it has a nice window to see the product. My package is easily reusable; its resealable, and the volume of the package is sufficient enough to carry other things too. What I would change about my package is the colors, it originally had a logo on top, red and white on the sides, this however would have been a waste of resources but asthetic. The biggest change I would make to the package would be the structural design; maybe try something that uses less resources than a rectangular prism.


Humanities Term 2 Goals

by 043068 on December 18, 2013

I think my goal in future for humanities would be to improve my participation in class, and to increase my grades on summatives and my MYP grade. These are important to develop because it would make me a better learner, it help me understand more about our world, and if I learn to participate more in one class, I think I’d be able to utilise that strategy in other classes. I think to reach this goal, I need to take time to study more, lately I’ve only been getting 5′s on the poster and the past hierarchies test, and i want to be able to reach at least 6-7/8. I could do this by really taking more time to read the handouts at home, and to listen to what Mr. Titus says more often. To increase my participation, I think that when he asks a question; I should just tell myself to take a shot at answering, because if I’m wrong, I’ll know why I’m wrong and I’ll at least have my own question answered. At the end of the year, I think I’ll be able to measure the success by looking carefully at the marks of each assignment and thinking back to what I wrote and telling myself why I wrote it. I’ll measure my participation level by one day just talking to the teacher. I could just ask him how well he thinks I’ll participate and if I’m doing better, and if he says I am, and gives examples then I would feel better, and I’d feel like I’ve done something to improve


Instrument Care Presentation Reflection

by 043068 on November 28, 2013

During the presentation; what went well was we spoke loud, clear, and at a nice pace. What could have been improved was maybe we could have went to a little more detail with the assembly and maintenance part of the presentation. The work was divided well because we’d take turns per slide presenting and I think we spoke equal amounts of information. The work itself wasn’t so divided as it was on 1 keynote, but I had Rael read over my information and share his with me so its balanced. Obstacles I ran into were that I didn’t have a group in the beginning so time wasn’t so efficient and I didn’t communicate. We overcame this by eventually putting our group together and finishing the work. This unit I learned more about the parts and assembly of other instruments, which is nice in case you for example need to take care of one or switch instruments the next year.


Waste Not, Want Not II

by 043068 on October 29, 2013
















This is the packaged I designed in Sketchup, you can guess its a very simple box, measured, but when its actually built, its more complex. You can see that the apple does not fit, this is because the prototype we actually created was fit to the apples here at the school. I also drew the folds on the box, on the bottom you can see one diagonal line, but actually its about 2 folds and glued to the box, the inside is also very different, Refer to my first post. And on top, the cross basically shows what the lock mechanism would actually look like. I think I did well in learning to use sketch up. Look at my other creations below

This is just a random Irregular shape I created that looks like a spin-top









This one is a recreation of a desk in our schools library, its actually very complex to perfectly line up the edges and make it look nice

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Not Waste, Not Want

by 043068 on October 29, 2013











Good features

The box perfectly fits the apple, it has a simple but very strong closing cover/closing flaps, the box is light and it can be reused

Negative Features

The box is made of paper, so it can be torn easily or wet. The box is strong enough to carry an apple but probably not anything heavier, and the package has no design or color that appeals to the eye.


Designs or photographs could be added to the 5 possible faces, have the box reinforced, and make the folds a little more equal.



The box is not very attractive, but the folds create a cool look around the box, the locking mechanism also looks very nice as it almost looks like a cross pattern.

The box is actually secure, although it is made of paper, it was able to hold the apple when turned upside down. The folds on the bottom thicken the bottom face which keep the apple from falling straight through

The box is accessible, there is almost no tape, except one piece that holds it together, a simple folding technique holds the top flap very well

The package is reusable, as it is not sealed, the top flap can be removed and a new object can be placed in.


Advice to My Future self (Math Class)

by 043068 on October 9, 2013

During math class we had to compare and contrast Simple Interest and Compound Interest, we had to find out which one would provide more money, we started by investing $10000 and having a return rate of 8% annually. Heres My letter:

Dear future Self, I know you just graduated school, good job. I know you’re tempted to take a ridiculous holiday to Hawaii with the 10,000 our family gave you, but you shouldn’t. Invest your money and save it for retirement, I found out that if you go with a compound investment, in 40 years; that $10000 will become $217245. Seems cool right, then you can relax and just become an awesome old rich man, You will be able to make money without technically doing anything. You have lots of time to make another $10000, but with this one; SAVE IT. The earlier you start, the more you make. Plus you have so many opportunities and time to go to Hawaii, make the smart decision.


Grade 8 Music Test

by 043068 on October 9, 2013

In this test, i scored a grade of 36/40, Im actually quite pleased with this grade, its equal to 7/8, which to me is good. I did not expect this grade, i thought i would get 39 or 40, the question i messed up on was the half and whole rest, i got it backwards. I think that the way i prepared for this test, was the amount on Time, Place, and space worksheets we did, we did about 8 or 9. Next time, I think I should slow down a little because i felt like i kind of rushed, which caused me to get the last 2 wrong.


Stress and Learning in Math: The 1st Test

by 043068 on September 18, 2013

I think what I did  well on this assessment was being able to explain my thinking, I showed my work or wrote my reasons of why I thought I was correct. I also think my work was organised on the test because my answers were easy to see and my writing was readable.

I think what I need to work on would be recurring decimals or Ratios, I think I did alright on ratios but i failed 1 question, I didn’t understand it because it had 3 numbers instead of two, recurring decimals was a little tricky but i found my answer the first time. The second time i used the wrong equation

I think the way I used my freedom was productive, I think the best thing for understanding the problems was the video, although i didnt practice the questions, the videos at Khan Academy really helped me.

I think on the stress chart, I would place myself at a solid 3, this is because im not hating and slopping the unit, but im


Line 11 Performance Reflection

by 043068 on September 18, 2013

How you prepared for this assessment

I prepared for this assessment mainly by practicing the song, I had even more practice is class, I played it without flaw about 3-4 times

What went well in your performance

Not much went well in my performance, I was mainly able to play the first line right, but i flunked the second line because I was nervous

What did not go well in your performance

A lot of things did not go well, sometimes I messed up the pitch, I had to replay measure 2 twice, and I missed 2 notes throughout the performance, and finally my pitch was sometimes off

How you plan to improve your level of performance for next time.

Firstly I would have to find  a way to overcome me being nervous, and secondly, I need more practice at home until i am sure that I have it down.


Experience Week Trip to Chiang Mai

by 043068 on May 13, 2013

Pick 2 learner profile attributes and describe how you demonstrated them

I think i demonstrated risk taker very well because there were a lot of scary activities and i was never afraid to ask anyone for help. For example i took a risk in rock climbing because i was pretty nervous about my feet slipping because they were sweaty, but i managed to try and i made it to the top of the wall 2 times. Also I took risks in the confidence course because it was pretty awesome looking but pretty creepy, but when they called and asked who wanted to go, i instantly threw my hand into the air and wounded up going 4th i think. Also when we had to pick monkey bars or rings, i chose the rings which was the harder one. I ended up falling into the water the first time because we had to do a 360º turn on the balance beam and i fell there.

I think i demonstrated caring very well because i was always there for my friend marcus, i walked around with him, took care of him and bought him lots of stuff. The biggest help i did was speaking thai, i handled all the communication when we went to the market. I also introduced my friends to new drinks and foods that they had never tried before. Even though i was with marcus the most, everyday i hung out and did many activities with one of my best friends PANDA (kaelan). He was really funny and we talked a lot and went everywhere together, i wished he was in my room.
Did you get to know someone new on the trip?

When i was doing community service, on the first day we went to do group activities and on the second day, we were doing construction. On the activities day, i met this little guy who was really chubby, funny and cute. His name was Geng in thai, he looked about 6-7 years old. When i first saw him, he looked very nervous, he didn’t really talk to my group, and he didn’t really smile or try to enjoy himself, as we started to play games he started really getting into it and he had fun playing all the games. I think that he demonstrated the learner profile risk-taker because he came out of his comfort zone and at the end of the day, he became my best friend. He gave me high fives and fist pumps, and i talked to him because i know how to speak thai. Keep in mind, he was quite chubby and cute but he was able to overcome that and run around and chase people, at their school i noticed that everyone and i mean everyone were friends with each other, no matter the age difference, they could all talk to each other and knew each others names.  I really miss him
What was it like to be away from your family for a week?

Well i love my family: my mom, my dad, my sister, and my little bro, but in all honesty i wasn’t homesick, i didn’t mind being out of the house with my friends. When i came home though, i found out my sister who typically hates me, really missed me and I kind of missed her too because she is silly, funny and entertaining. I think i didn’t really keep in touch because i felt that my family would be ok. My Mom is insane acting really dramatic and missing me because she thought something would happen to me but nothings really wrong and i wish she would just understand that i can take care of myself.
Describe a time when you faced a challenge on the trip. How did you overcome it?

Well when i was kayaking with marcus, we played this game where we would have to do something to get 1 star out of 3 stars, to get the first star, what we had to do was both of us sit on the very back edge of the kayak and balance it. It was quite hard but i think we overcame that challenge by communicating and paddling in sync. For the second challenge what we had to do was STAND and kayak, but the person in front had to actually stand on the edges of the kayak, when we tried that i fell off twice but then i managed to stand with the help of marcus, the harder part was paddling, i think because we were paddling synchronized, we managed to finish. For the third star, we couldn’t finish it because the challenge was to 1: capsize the kayak (flip it over), then do a five second handstand or headstand while it was floating down the river, i tried but i couldn’t finish. I actually think that because i tried, it made me more of a risk taker.
How did you show personal responsibility on the trip?

I think i showed lots of responsibility because i took care of my personal belonging, my room and i followed all the instructions. Sometimes, i had to take care of other responsibilities. One of the thinks i did was always showing up to the meals at the right time, being in the gym for scheduled activities, and always having what i needed when i showed up to an activity. I also think i had to take care of others when we went to the market to buy food for the thai cooking school. I had to help everyone with explaining what to get, how much it cost, and where in the market to get it. I think that being able to speak thai was one of the biggest advantages i had of the entire grade. The only bad or annoying thing about it was the amount of times i got asked “Hey Joey, do you speak thai” or “Pood pasa thai dai lou” (thai for oh, you can speak thai?) When we were in public areas i shocked lots of people.


Humanities-Design Documentary

by 043068 on May 2, 2013

My Humanities-Design Hong Kong Heritage short documentary is finally finished!

Below is the embedded Vimeo video:

7B 1881 Heritage Former Fire Station 2013 from Horace Lee on Vimeo.


Science Courtcase

by 043068 on May 2, 2013

Over the course of 3 days, my class had created a mimic court case and we had to try and prove Mr. Kirchner (my teacher) that he was false and spreading lies about KMT. we had done many investigations about certain “witnesses” that we would use to prove mr Kirchner wrong.

I did not agree with the jury’s verdict, the verdict was that it was… A DRAW. I think my team (the prosecution) should have won because we were able to present many questions the other team could not answer. Also our exhibits in my opinion were better than the other team. My team went more into detail about why their exhibits go against KMT. For example, when ryan’s group did the exhibit “iron in cereal” they proved that they had found iron proving KMT law 1 (all matter is made up of very small particles). One of the questions we wanted to ask was: How do you know the iron in the cereal wasn’t made of very small particles

My job was to create cross examine questions. Even though it wasn’t a big job, i think it contributed a lot. I did create lots of questions and i always just wanted scream it out.

Next time, i think i would want to be a layer because i had lots and lots of questions, and i need to practice public speaking because i am terrible at that. I think it also would have been fun to burn the other team as a lawyer.

To list one more thin i learned about KMT, it would be that Salt actually has an effect on the boiling point of water. and the melting point of ice. When you add salt to boiling water, the maximum temperature of the boiling water increases. Adding salt to really cold ice water makes it even colder and can bring the temp. below 0 without freezing the water.


Math Assessment Reflection

by 043068 on May 2, 2013

Where would you fall on the stress and learning graph? Why

I would place my self on the 3 and a half because i just hate dividing, especially dividing, multiplying, adding and subtracting, i’m pretty good at.

What was challenging and what was easy in this unit

The easy part was multiplying, The hard part was dividing.

How was your effort in class and at home reflected in your assessment results

I think my results told me that i need to practice a bit more.

What activities did u like in this unit

Watching the videos and learning


Coming Attractions

by 043068 on March 20, 2013

Watch this space for my Hong Kong Heritage documentary about the 1881 Former Fire Station

You can watch the movie in progress at my website

Click Here to look at another post that includes my documentary


Design Day Reflection

by 043068 on March 20, 2013

I liked that i was able to create a website and it looks really cool, i also installed a widget that makes it look cool

I wish Mr. Larson hadn’t talked as much because we were busy working and he was talking A LOT

What if next time we have to come together, we ask him if he can shorten his speeches


How can habits hurt you?

by 043068 on February 6, 2013

Today im gonna talk about habits. Im focusing mainly on bad habits and how they can affect your life. A bad habit that i have is playing too many video games/computer games. When i get home, I eat a snack, but then i go straight to games. I say i would do it after dinner but then i would wait till 8:30 to do it. This habit is very bad becuase the feeling and fun of playing the game stops me from trying to complete my homework or even shower. For example: Yesterday I forgot to bring my humanities notebook because i was stuck playing games. Also when i play, i never notice that i havent showered. When you play too much, one of the consequences can be that your eyes will start to hurt and you’ll be rubbing them a lot. A bad thing about games is, if you play a violent game then you start to think about negative thoughts.  Whenever i get told to shower, i just say “Oh, ill go after this game”. I always keep playing. I want to change my habits by reminding myself and telling myself that if i play game, I will always forget to do something. So thats the bad habit i have, i think it has had a negative impact on my life and should be changed


Patterns Unit Math Reflection

by 043068 on January 25, 2013

The thing I liked the most about this unit was learning about how to write equations and doing the input output worksheets like the dinner table problem, handshake problem and paper folding problem. The thing I did not like was the homework because it took a long time to do and it was fairly hard but still accomplishable. The thing I learned very well was how to to write an equation through a word problem and find the answer easily and quickly.  I think the study of patterns is important because it can help with money for example, in the test there was a problem about a swimmer named Connor, when he swam 1 lap, his mom would give him three times the amount of laps but in dollars, his grandma would give him twice the amount of laps but then deduct 1 dollar. His aunt would give him $4.50 for the 1st lap then add $1.50 per lap. So we could use these skills to find out how much money we would make.


My Bird Creation/Picture

by 043068 on January 21, 2013

-Its Huge (4m tall)
-Sharp Talons
-Sharp and Strong Beak
-Bright Camo. for attracting prey
-Big Strong wings for long flying

-Runs into tress a lot because it is very big
-It is hard to find a mate because his species is nearly extinct
-It is very loud so predators and humans can easily find it

Outside of class my work was not very efficient because i did not work on it that much and i think i could have done more research. During class i think i hadn’t used it well or bad, i was in the middle.i think this because i had drafts and work but i was always changing my idea because i thought it would be right to build or draw, but in the end i drew it and it turned out well. If i were to start this again i would build my bird and make it more interesting. I think for criterion C i would score a 4.


Shi Huangdi unit reflection

by 043068 on December 14, 2012

Through out our unit in our humanities we have been learning about shi huangdi, I learned about the things he did, the bad things he did, and why people thought of him as a cruel but strong leader. The first thing i learned was about how Shi Huangdi united china. He united China by using his strong military to conquer the 6 other states. after conquering each one, he would take their military and strengthen his. Another thing i learned was the great wall of china, I learned that he had ordered 800,000 people to build this wall. Almost all of the builders died but some survived. The builders died because most of them were slaves and they weren’t treated properly. I learned that he ordered 70,000 craftsmen to build the terracotta warriors. He built these statues to protect Shi Huangdi’s spirit in the afterlife. Some of the bad things i learned about shi huangdi was that he always wanted to be correct and wanted no one to oppose him. He had changed the public opinion by: burning books by philosophers and killing scholars who opposed him. In doing so no one could learn anything that could hurt Shi Huangdi. He had also standardized the: currency, the characters and the weights. He had done this so he could unify the opinion much more successfully and better. e.g: when he standardized weights, people couldn’t  say that a penny weighed more than an elephant. That’s basically all about shi Huangdi that i can summarize. Throughout this unit i have learned how to write essays, i learned about format and basically the requirements of an essay. For Proof, see figure 1


Surprise AOI during math

by 043068 on December 4, 2012

In math, we are studying patterns. I am looking at human ingenuity as the AOI because we are learning how integers are useful in life, how do patterns help us make sense of our world. Finally how can we use it to solve our problems


Mand-made beach and the Lorax

by 043068 on November 9, 2012

The AOI’s Environment and Human Ingenuity can come into many conflicts some examples from the “lorax” are: Smoking can destroy the environment. The inventions that the once-ler created had run on carbon dioxide, which attacked the air. The environment had lost all of its animals because there were no trees for the animals to live and the fish had left because the water was polluted. (The Lorax original) In the beach article there had been conflicts between people who supported the environment and people who supported the beach building. There were conflicts because the government had not consulted the people and just approved. The artificial beach is estimated to destroy many species because the species cannot get used to the new soil or environment. The beach builders tried to resolve some conflict by building an eco building to store the species. The conservation association argued that it was the wrong way to preserve the species because they would die.

The man-made beach relates more to the implication environment because this beach is going to destroy the species of the environment and change it completely. New species had been discovered in that area but had not been shared. (SCMP Man-made beach)


AOI:Environments:China Earthquake Solution

by 043068 on September 17, 2012

During our lesson with Mr. Turner  we discussed about the Chinese earthquake in China and we learned about the AOI’s. We discussed about Environments which means thinking about the environment, so we came up with ideas to help china.

Ideas: We could help save the people by using our computers to develop something that could help the people their. Physically we could fundraise to create houses and new places like an environment


During our lesson with Mr. Turner  we discussed about the Chinese earthquake in China and we learned about the AOI’s. We discussed about Health and Social Education which means being an inventor, so we came up with ideas to help china.

Some of the things we could do are: make a donation box so people could donate items and healthy food for us to take  and give to them. We could also do something like asking people to sponsor you for reading or such then donate to the country so they could maybe get into a school and buy food


During our lesson with Mr. Turner  we discussed about the Chinese earthquake in China and we learned about the AOI’s. We discussed about Community and Service which means being an inventor, so we came up with ideas to help china.

 My favorite idea was to have a fundraiser and sale to take people to china to help cleanup the area and build new house for people because 20,000 houses were lost during the quake.


AOI:Human Ingenuity: China earthquake solution

by 043068 on September 17, 2012

During our lesson with Mr. Turner  we discussed about the Chinese earthquake in China and we learned about the AOI’s. We discussed about Human ingenuity which means being an inventor, so we came up with ideas to help china.

My Favorite idea was: A helicopter with a heartbeat sensor so it could find people (Still alive) maybe stuck under ruble and cant get out.


SLLR Reflection

by 043068 on April 19, 2012

My thought: Preparing for the SLLR changed my way of learning because before I learned through being a thinker, but now I am a communicator.The most challenging part of the SLLR was the speaking and presenting because I was nervous and scared. If I could do this SLLR again, next time I would remember to bring my computer and trumpet because I forgot it last time. The best part of the SLLR was when I presented my mask to my parents and showed them my reflection. The SLLR was great. A quote to sum my feelings “ Happiness can occur even in situations where your nervous or scared”.

My Mom say’s: I thought all the the things you learned are very advanced compared to when I was young in school, but my school has a different learning system. I was surprised that the students managed to complete so many tasks in limited time.I think that your strengths are mathematics. I think my child should work towards chinese.

My dad say’s: I thought Joeys presentation was very good and informative. Joey started out a little bit nervous, but calmed down as he progressed. he spoke clearly and confidently. I think my sons grammar,reading and writing has improved to be more expressive. I think my child’s strengths are his ability to work well with others, his ability to express myself and his concern for others. I think my child needs to work towards more organization and responsibility for his belongings.





My Video blog with my friend sam

by 043068 on March 8, 2012

Audio Blog

By: Joey and Sam

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Week attitudes reflection!!

by 043068 on March 2, 2012

This week I  demonstrated two attitudes. I will describe the attitudes and tell you the situations where I demonstrated them.

Today I displayed confidence. Confidence means to be able to stand up and perform or do something scary and to be brave. I demonstrated this when I had to to perform my gymnastics routine in PE, it was so scary! Yesterday displayed cooperation. Cooperation means to work well with your partners and not argument and make your work better. I demonstrated this when finishing my summative assessment because we had to work together to make the voiceovers and we did it well together.

Next time I want to demonstrate creativity and respect. Creativity means to be creative in solving your problems and making your projects more creative. I think I could demonstrate this in the fractions flip book I’m creating for the 3rd graders. Respect means to listen to others when they are talking and to take care of someone else’s things. I think I could demonstrate this when Mr.Deragons strange yet awesome lectures.

What shall happen next week?



Weekly Attitudes Reflection

by 043068 on February 17, 2012

This week I again demonstrated two attitudes. I will describe the attitudes and tell you the situations where I demonstrated them.

Just yesterday I displayed creativity. Creativity means to think and solve problems creatively. I demonstrated this when we had to think of ways to show and explain the changes of a volcano in a stop animation movie. I also displayed commitment. Commitment means to never give up and stick with what your doing. I demonstrated this in PE when I didn’t give up at badminton while I was playing against a really good opponent.

Next time I want to demonstrate confidence and cooperation. Confidence means to be confident in yourself and know that you can do it if you try. I think I could demonstrate this in PE when Im doing something really hard. Cooperation means to work well with others and not argue. I think I could demonstrate this when doing my Stop-animation video project.

What will happen next week?


Reflection on the Week (attitudes)

by 043068 on February 10, 2012

This week I demonstrated 2 attitudes. In this blog post I will write things about the attitudes and write situations where I demonstrated them

On wednesday and thursday I displayed cooperation. Cooperation means to wrok well with others and not argue.I demonstrated this attitude when I was designing the attributes poster. I also displayed tolerance at the same time I was demonstrating the other attitude. Tolerance means to be able to tolerate your friends and partners mistakes. I demonstrated this when a partner of mine made a mistake when we were creating the attribute poster

next week I would like to work on commitment and creativity. Creativity means to solve problems creatively and to think creatively. I might be able to show this when I have problem with a group or if I need to think creatively for a project. commitment means to stick to a project or something your doing and never giving up. I might be able to display this when I have a really hard project.


Attitudes and Attributes I displayed this week

by 043068 on January 13, 2012

This week i’ve been showing some attitudes and attributs .This week on Thursday I displayed creativity. Creativity is when you think of things or create things or solves problems creatively. The way I displayed it was when I was creating a stop motion animation video to display some transdisciplinary skills, I thought of many creative ways to show the video. That day I was also Open-Minded because I listened to my friends ideas. Open-minded is when you listen to your peers ideas and things they want to do ETC.Next week I would like to work on the attitude toleration. It means to tolerate the bad things and mistakes that partners or peers make. I would like to work on it because I have not tolerated my friends that much and I want to work on it. I think I can display it by doing group projects more well.What will next week be like.


Zhao Qing Camp:Day 1

by 043068 on November 29, 2011

On the first day we got together in our color groups and got our luggage tags. We then went to the bus and loaded our luggage underneath the bus because it is a long trip to the ShenZhen border. The bus ride was about an hour and we talked and played card games on the way there. When we arrived a the border, we unloaded our luggage and went through immigration and customs. When we left the border, we got our sandwiches and cookies.

We left and took a five and a half hour bus trip to the hotel. The bus ride was boring because I did not sleep at all on the bus, we also played more card games and talked. When we arrived at the hotel we unloaded our luggage and met our group teachers. We then settled into our rooms and cleaned up ourselves and then went back downstairs.

My group went outside to the grass field and played some games, then introduced ourselves. When we were done we went back on the bus and went to the park to do the amazing race.

When we arrived at the park, we went inside and got briefed by the dragonfly staff. The challenge was to find all the statues/areas in the park. The thing we had to do when we found the place was to take a picture with everyone else in the background of the image except the camera man. My group managed to take all nine of the photos, but when we were heading to the eighth statue we saw a dragonfly staff and he said that to get to the eighth area, we had to create a tribal dance for 15 seconds. I did it then took the last two photos. When we arrived at the finish line, it turns out that we came third place but thats okay.

When everyone came in we had some water then got back on the bus. It was 5:45 when we arrived back. We had dinner but it was not that yummy.

We went downstairs and walked to a market to interview shopkeepers and customers for our unit of inquiry. My roommate got sick so he went back to hotel early and lied down in bed. The nurse went to check on him and give him some medicine. I finished the interview with a different friend then we all went back to the hotel.

I went to my room and saw the nurse and my friend. When the teacher left I changed my clothes and brushed my teeth. I finished my daily refection and watched some TV with my roommate. Another teacher came to our room at around 9:50 to check on my friend and tell us that it was lights out time.


Art intro

by 043068 on November 1, 2011

A couple days ago I started my art intro. The intro is for this picture.


My intro was this.




Title: Raspberries

Year: 2011

Artist: Joey Boyer

Medium: Water Colors

Canvas: A3 Paper



This art piece is an image of a plant in the forest. I chose these colors because they match the color of the plant itself and they look nice for nature. I chose to paint this because it shows how much we should appreciate nature and that matters because it supplies us with food and fruits.



The elements of art I used in this painting are color, shape and line. For color I had red for the raspberry, green for the leaves, blue for the flower hanging over the top of the plant and yellow for the spots on the raspberry. I have diagonal lines for the leaves and curved line for the stems. My shapes are circles for the raspberry and its spots, tall semicircles for the flower and strange shapes for my leaves.



First I had to think about what I wanted to paint. Next I sketched it on A3 paper. After that I softly erased the lines so it wouldn’t show over the watercolors. The final thing I did was paint over the sketch.



I chose to have no background because if I did, there would be no focus point. When the human eye sees a paper, then you look everywhere on the paper, but if you drew a dot in the middle, you would look directly at that. So since there is one item in the middle, that would be your focus point. At least, that’s what I think.




Could a picture be worth a thousand words

by 043068 on October 25, 2011

I think a picture could be worth a thousand words because it depends on how the picture describes what is happening and it should have a lot of detail and its own unique things in the picture. Sometimes I think a picture is not worth a thousand words because sometimes pictures do not have detail or show anything wich can’t show anything in words. Do you think a picture could be worth a thousand words? Explain why. I do not think that the strange red painting is worth a thousand words because it does not show detail on whats happening.


Weekend reflection

by 043068 on October 11, 2011

On the weekend I did not really do much. On Friday, my sisters best friend came for a sleepover and they played with me also and we stayed up until 4 AM doing random things. On Saturday I ate chocolate covered Kaisershman, it’s German for flat rolled up pancake. After breakfast my sister had to take a shower and get ready for her gymnastics class at the AMC. It started at 11:30 and ended at 12:30. I sat through and thought that it was very boring. I then went to my dads house to see him. My mom and dad are separated and soon getting divorced so i go to both houses. Through the day I watched movies and played games with my sister and her friend. My dad went to his friends house to eat dinner and talk. At night for dinner I ate steaks that I helped cook. I thought they were a little bit overcooked but I liked it. After dinner I wanted to go to buy ice-cream for my special night time movies. My sister wanted to come and she begged but I said no because I wanted to go alone. My sister said she was gonna come anyways so went she went to put on her socks, I ran out the backdoor and ran down to Welcome and bought some. I came homed covered in sweat so I sat on the couch and made myself some ice-cream and watched a movie. After the movie it was midnight and my dad came home from his friends house. We all watched another movie but everyone fell asleep through it except me. I then went to bed on the couch when I finished the movie. The next day I woke up at 10:00 and ate breakfast. about a half hour later I woke up my sister because we had to leave to my moms house at 11 AM. My sister’s friend left at around 10:50. When I went back home I finished a series I was watching and then started another movie. When the movie started my mom asked me to go swimming so I did. I swam a couple laps then decided to goto the jacuzzi with my sister. we stayed there for about 20 minutes then took a shower and went home. When I went home I finished the movie I started and watched 1 more. When the movie finished, I ate dinner with my sister and it was delicious. Ater the movie I went to my room to play XBOX. When I finished playing it was 9:30 PM so I brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and then went to bed. The weekend was a super lazy one.


Steve Jobs

by 043068 on October 7, 2011

On October 5th, Steve Jobs died. It was very sad and he died of cancer. I’ve found out that he’s never went to college. He dropped into one calligraphy class and that is what creates the font on a computer. I’ve also figured out that he actually got fired by his co-producer from apple when he started it. When he got fired, he met other people and the co-producer took his side so he grew again. I’m very sad and I wonder what apple would be like without Steve. Here is a video of his speech in 2005 and talks about the company, products and what he thinks about death.

YouTube Preview Image

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If I was trapped in a desert the 5 things I would have are Friends so I can be happy, family so i have people to care for, a mansion to live in, a life time supply of food so I don’t starve to death and last is a limitless supply water to stay hydrated.

What 5 things would you have and why.


If I had 1,000,000 £

by 043068 on September 30, 2011

If I had 1,000,000 £ I would buy a Lamborghini Murcielago, Bugatti Veyron . I chose the Lamborghini because it is my dream car and I think it is the best looking car I’ve ever seen. I chose the Bugatti because it is the fastest car in the world and travels at the speed of 431.07 km/h with 1,000 Hp and I would race other cars. With half the left over money I would donate all of the rest to charity so they could live better lives. For the other half I would buy a beautiful house in Canada and live close to my grandma. I would then share the money with my entire family so no one would have to work so much. I would live a happy life as a rich boy. These are the things I would do. What would you do if you had a MILLION BUCKS.

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2 of my favorite Artists

by 043068 on September 27, 2011

One of my favorite artists is Blue. They are my favorite singers because their music is passionate and some are like pop. my favorite singer in the band is Simon Webbe because he’s the rapper in most of the songs. I think they are artists because they create this music and have understand all of it like a painter.

My second favorite artist is maroon 5 because i always loved their song and so does my mom. My mom is the one who showed me it and my favorite songs are give a little more, Misery and Stutter. They are my favorite artist because in their albums they have a lot of genres like pop, rock and love etc. I think they are amazing artists because they create beautiful and fun songs like a painter.


Week in review

by 043068 on September 23, 2011

This week we did many things and had a lot of homework. During P.E we played basketball games, but not matches. Tomorrow we are probably going to play a couple matches of basketball during P.E.

During music we learned the B flat notes and next week we have a test. I’m playing the trumpet and i’ve memorized the fingering but the lip movement and pitch is hard to control.

In french we have had a lot of  test and activities. This week we have had about 3 tests probably. Some were about different items and the others were about vowels and contents.

We had to present our flipped math to one or two of our classmates.For the flipped math presentation it had to be about ratios.

We also had to write a book report on a book we selected. We also started our reading logs and handed them in on Thursday. For the reading log we had to read 30 minutes a day until Thursday.

We had to do R.A.F.T . Raft is a project where we would have to write dialogue or an editorial about Donald Tsang convincing the president of china either to wear uniforms that looks like our schools design and color forever or not. On Friday we will probably record our dialogue doing a voice recording or video. I made mine pretty much alone and I made it a bit funny. I’ve completed the dialogue but have not recorded them.

We created our skits about a conflict and we in a group would have to find out a positive resolution. In my group we had 3 bloopers but a lot of retakes because my friend and I kept arguing about things we would have to say or do.

That was basically all the work we did so far.  In chinese class I had 2 Tests and we’ve had a lot of homework.

So overall I loved and hope we do this much fun again.

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Reading buddies reflection

by 043068 on September 20, 2011

Today I had reading buddies. My reading buddy and 4 other kids were not not there today because they had a reading activity to do so I played a game that my reading buddy’s teacher assigned us. It was a number game and I played it with my friend. In the game what we had to do was roll a dice and write that number into one of the four columns of your opponent. There are 4 columns, ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. The objective is to get the opponents entire number lower than yours. Whoever has the highest number wins. I lost 5 rounds to my friend and won only 1. Thats all I did and then went back to the class.


Class survey reflection

by 043068 on September 15, 2011

Today we completed an anonymous survey about the class and the year so far. Mr. Deragon created this survey and he will review them. The survey was fun because it was simple and short. The bad thing was the questions were very long so for some people it almost took 30 minutes. The survey had 10 questions. One of the questions were how long do you do your homework every night. The answers were 5-20 minutes, 20-40 minutes, 40-1 hour and the last was over 1 hour. My favorite question was how would you rate Mr. Deragon and I rated him with the answer good and in the comments box i wrote that i only don’t like him when he is strict and stressed. I liked the survey and i only took about 10 minutes because in most of them, I wrote comments. I like the survey and hope to do it again.


Masters of War Bob Dylan Reflection

by 043068 on September 6, 2011

When I heard this song i was talking to my friend about Bob Dylan and one of his songs. When I heard the song masters of war, i thought about the london riots and i think that i thought about that because it kind of relates to our unit. I think its a strange song because there is a lot of sarcasm in the song and he sings about war and guns. I think it connects to our central idea of conflicts that we have started to investigate because in our unit we talk about conflict and people used gun war to start and end conflict.


Exam tomorrow

by 043068 on June 7, 2011

Tomorrow june 8th is the final exam. My teacher asked to tell you how i will study tonight. Tonight i will study by reviewing my human body workbook and try to memorize words that are hard. I will also review a little bit tomorrow morning because sometimes i forget a lot of things in a short time but its not short term memory (STM).

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Internet safety

by 043068 on June 1, 2011

We just came back from a presentation in the LLAC about how to take care of MacBooks over the summer but im probably not going to bring mine home. We watched two videos about internet safety. We learned how to travel with it and how to keep good battery life and be very careful with food. Here is a video of online safety.



Grade 9 Civics Simulations!

by 043068 on May 26, 2011

Today we visited the grade 9 students so we could do our three simulations. The simulations were about poverty and diseases and injurys. The simulation about poverty was showing the difference between the poor and the rich. The game was that there were 2 rich people who got 700 in game money and got to eat candy and chocolate and other concessionary food. The poor people wich one of them was me had to fold up newspapers and give them to the judges and make money. You needed to have 100 for food and 300 for rent. If you didn’t make the money then you would fake die. The diseases simulation is when you pick a card and read it. I got the card where it says that you get diarrhea and you need to work to get soya-beans and pills. The first thing that we did for the beans was do jumping jacks 50 times in 20 second and we failed. The second time we did 25 on one leg in 20 second and finished. The third thing to do was run up the big stairs on the form then hop down on two legs and to it two times. The fourth thing we had to to was hop on two legs up the stairs and down but only once. The injurys simulation was when we walk on newspaper and in certain areas there were land mines AKA bubble wrap. we had to walk carefully and if we stepped on a mine then we would get a disability. There were 3 disabilities, Blind, deaf and losing one leg. Then you would have to get a job and if you had a disability then you could not get the job. I managed not to get a disability and got a job. the job i got was to do 5 jumping jacks. The simulations taught me new things and was fun.

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After the SLLRs

by 043068 on May 3, 2011

After the SLLRs i thought it was quite good because my parents were happy when i left the class. I liked the SLLRs because we got to play games and explain to our parents what we have done in class since the beginning of 2011. I did’t enjoy the SLLRs because some of the activity’s were hard and it was also hard to show my parents what i did bad in in class. The SLLRs were weird because last year my parents asked me tons of questions and this year they didn’t ask me as many. A Another thing i did not like about the SLLRs is that i had to wake up at six thirty because my sister was at seven fifteen and mine was at eight thirty.


My artifact

by 043068 on April 28, 2011

At school we created artifacts for a field trip called dig day. Before we had to create the artifacts. creating the artifacts was quite hard but it was very fun. I created a sword that was made in Europe. It was used for war against other countries that tried to attack europe. We used clay for creating them, then let them dry for about a week and during that time some people broke other peoples artifacts. At the end when they were dry, we painted the artifacts and at the end of the day after school they got smashed into many pieces and we had to find them at the beach. at the beach there were 5 classes and each class had 5 plots and each plot had 5 smashed artifacts. I found someone’s artifact and I put it together and it looked  like a cross in between an oval. I thought it was made a hundred years ago and was used for praying but it turns out it was a shield.


First half of national treasure

by 043068 on March 30, 2011

In class we have been watching this movie called national treasure because it is related to our unit. Our teacher asked us to write a blog post about it. In national treasure 5 key events are Ben (Nicolas Cage/main character) finds a ship called Charlotte and it has clues to where to find the treasure. Ben’s friends Betray ben because the friend wanted to steal the Declaration of Independence to find a map on the back of it. Ben had to steal it first and found these numbers on the back that gives them a clue. Later on Ben visits his father to ask for help but the father does not believe in the treasure. After that the y found a half brick in the clock tower witch has x ray glasses that lets them see these wordings on the back. The last major event is that the friend stole the DOI.


Here is a list of all the ways to find out about the past.


Those are a few ways that people learn about the past, historians do some of these so they cant do lectures and show to other people.


The artifact game

by 043068 on March 15, 2011

In class for the past two weeks we have been playing a game called the artifact game. It is when you chose a random picture that is an artifact then interpret it. The difference between interpreting and guessing is guessing is the first thing that pops into your mind and its completely random. Interpreting is when you take time to think about it and if you guess about one thing then interpret then both of the answers are different. Here is an artifact iv’e chosen and if you want, you can play.

Please leave a comment if you play. This is how I’d like you to leave the comment.

Who used it:

What is it:

When was it used and made:

Where was it made


HK past video

by 043068 on March 10, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

This is a video that we watched in class and it is about hong kong’s past. We watched this video so we could learn more about 1900′s and there are many people from the past. We also watched this video so people in the class could share each others ideas


My Thoughts about C.C.C

by 043068 on March 8, 2011

I think that todays CCC was bad because it only lasted for 8 minutes. What happened was that most of the class got to tell what they wanted to tell. Many 2nd graders ran across the field so everyone was distracted . By the time we were all focused a few of the people went then the 2nd graders had lunch and we had to leave.

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Field trip to the Cemetery

by 043068 on March 2, 2011

Today we went to the cemetery. We took the bus ride for about 20 minutes then arrived. When we got there we got off the bus then lined up to enter. When we entered we got with our groups and got our camcorders from the teacher. We started to walk around and take some photos. The graves that were most common were the people that were in the war. There were thousands and thousands of grave stones. The youngest person i saw that died was one day old. There was one section where all the peoples ashes in the wall there were at least 600. We took this trip to explore Hong Kong’s past. Now i can explain that there were many wars in hong kong and a lot of soldiers died doing their job. There was another section where this man that died was in a grave stone in a shelter. Our group took a lot of photos mostly of the graves and where they commemorate people who died. In one place near the place where the ash was, There was a very thin grave stone hidden behind a rock and it was very long but thin. The cemetery was in Happy Valley



by 043068 on February 25, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

This is a P.S.A it tells what you think about something .

Many P.S.A’s can have different emotions because that is what they do.

P.S.A’s can be made by anyone as long as they know how to.

This one is my P.S.A and it is about children having the right to live properly.

This P.S.A slides through images with music and wording that tells you what i think about child rights.


Iqbal Reflection

by 043068 on January 25, 2011

I am here to talk about a book called Iqbal. I think we read it because its a part of our unit and the book is very interesting and talks about young children that saved many lives and made them better. I think that the hardest part of the book was all the hard words that we had to stop at because a lot of them were very complicated. . In the book i would want to know more about why was the boss so mean and treat the children wrong because they never mentioned it in the book. If i ever read the book again the thing i’d do differently is to read it alone and be more into it and maybe share it with some friends or family. This book helped me in my learning because it talks a lot about child slaves in Pakistan and helps our unit and makes us understand more. I would also like to learn about other child slaves and read other book because i enjoy learning and love the books.

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Author Visit

by 043068 on January 20, 2011

Today two Poets came to our school and shared their poems with us. One of the Authors were SaraHolbrook and the other was MichaelSalinger. They are amazing poets and i loved watching them show their poems with us. I also hope that they could come again next time and loved the performance.


My Reading Buddy

by 043068 on January 18, 2011

The name of my reading buddy is Malena and she is in Haida. She is a very kind person and respects what i do. Here are some things she says.  hi i am Malena and i like to color in pictures. I love to go to school and do fun activities. I love to make things such as paper hats and paper hearts and stars. I like to go to Argentina and go cycling  with my family. In argentina i like to play with my friends. I like to do reading buddies. My reading buddy is DJ 1. I also like to do math and hang it on the wall.


Thanks Mr. Shaw

by 043068 on January 14, 2011

The performance was amazing and i enjoyed it. I would

also love to thank mr. Shaw for helping us with the

performance and setting it up. Every one loved the

performance and had a good time but the rehearsals were not so good.

although not many people came the performance was great.


Freaking out about the performance

by 043068 on January 12, 2011

I am freaking out crazily about the performance it is today at 6:00 and i am doing a rap with my friends. I hope that it is not too bad and i will not screw this up. If  anyone who is looking at my blog that is going to my performance i hope you enjoy it.


My Christmas break

by 043068 on January 4, 2011

I flew a 16 hour flight on business class to new york then went to my dads girlfriends parents house and stayed there for about 1 week. While i was there i went to an amazing pizzeria called Joe’s fleetwood pizzeria it was the best i have ever in my life tasted.  I also met 3 new friends. I went to a place called new rock city we watched a lot of shows when we stayed there. There was a christmas show at a place called radio city and thats basically what we did in new york.

When i went to canada I stayed at a hotel and visited my grandparents at their house everyday and i have not seen them for 4 years. I went ice skating with a new pair of skates that i bought. We went snowboarding at the bowler mountain and it was very fun except for when i fell on my butt at very high speeds.We visited our cousins and they went ice skating with us once. me and my sister stayed a night with our cousins at their house and watched movies and played games.The day i had to leave to vegas i had a big lunch with my grandparents and cousins and friends before i had to leave to the airport.

In Vegas we watched two show one was cirque du soleil and the other one was the lion king. We stayed at the hotel the entire day watching movies and chilling out in the jacuzzi . on new years eve we stayed at my dads friends house. me and another friend i met were playing video games for a long time. in vegas we also took a helicopter to the grand canyon and my sister kept a rock that was 20,000,000 years old and basically that was what we did.


This silly day

by 043068 on December 9, 2010

today all we did was our morning exercise. After we started talking about this amazing green school it’s all about caring for the environment and learning in Bali Indonesia. Any ways after this we started talking about our teachers family and playing these guessing games about the names and middle names of her group members. We did this for about 20 minutes and anyone who guessed correct got chocolate. One person in the class DJ18 was really good he knew almost everything. one of the questions were what is the name of my dog.



by 043068 on December 3, 2010

Screen shot 2010-11-25 at 1.15.20 PM This is my wordle and it describes my blog and whats on it.

If you would like to make one than please click here


photo of the day (polar bears)

by 043068 on November 30, 2010

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 8.43.18 AMHello this is photo of the day and photo of the day is when we take a photo then summarize it and tell everyone how we feel. I think this photo is trying to show that polar bears are endangered and are close to extinction. I also think it is amazing how one man could create this artwork and show it to everyone who sees it. I feel really sad that all these polar bears are endangered and may be close to extinction.

Special thanks to the globe and mail and click right here to see the site



by 043068 on November 25, 2010

Perspective is a point of view one person and there are other perspectives too.

It is also a point of view like the way you would see something. It is also a way

of considering matter. It’s also for example you are getting him change his point of view



by 043068 on November 16, 2010

Today and yesterday we watched a movie called WA$TED it is about these people that are harming the environment and this group of eco friendly people come to persuade them with MONEY$$$$$. These Eco people are changing a lot of things in the house so its much cheaper than before and at the end the eco person said ” I will pay you dollar for dollar that you save money on within 3 weeks and times by a year and give it in cash” . Sometimes those people get lazy and don’t do it and don’t get money. Although sometimes they could make 1200 Australian dollars. When these people see how bad they’ve harmed they feel guilty


Our new Unit of Inquiry

by 043068 on November 12, 2010

This is our new unit on solid waste management.

What I already know: I already know that Compost piles are boxes with dead plants and manure with worms inside. These worms will eat through these dead plants. We also know that garbage trucks haul garbage and waste a lot of fuel and energy. A lot of people are causing this by destroying nature so that they can make money by producing new things. The advertisement tells you on TV to go buy this and that then later it just starts to break and this happens over and over again until theres nothing left to make. The fish stock will be gone cause when people pollute the water the fish eat those things and die. When their predators come and eat those fish those predators will die and this is a cycle until all the fish die. Did you know that to get a plastic bag it cost 50 cents and when you put the umbrellas into that machine and take out plastic, why doesn’t that cost money. Those plastic things for umbrellas use twice the plastic you use in the store. Why would you need those things for umbrellas there is no point and you would only use it for a few minutes then throw it away why not just keep it. Then comes the water bottles those bottles just waste plastic and 85,000,000 bottles are thrown away per hour all around the world. what about the plastic paper on the side that said the brand does that really matter what brand it is, your not going to read it and your just going to drink the water and throw it away without even noticing how badly you are polluting. Did you know there was a really great man who picked up thousands of those bottles and made an island that could even float. Even though you are throwing one little thing you do it every day which makes a big problem. Did you know that an average human throws away 6000 pounds of garbage a year. Did you know that a lot of people just make these productions so they can make money and they don’t even care how badly it harms the earth. U.S.A uses 40% of the worlds resources and that kills a ton of animals. Australia has the best way to deal with garbage. when they plastic and broken glass they send it back to the factory and always remake the product. all the un wanted dump goes to a landfill and they plant grass on top so they can have land. This is a really good cycle because it doesn’t harm the environment as much as hong kong does.

What I think i will learn: I think i will learn the ways people deal with trash and why everyone wants to do this. I also think we may go on field trips and see how hog kong manages their trash. I hope we can go but maybe not. I also think we may watch some videos about trash and how we can improve. I think we will learn about the fish stock and a lot of other things. I also think we would do a lot of experiments and see what would happen with different types of trash  I think if everyone could stop then we would make the environment better. If anyone wants to see more information please click here

What do I think I will do: I think that I would do a few experiments and go on field trips. I also think we may learn more about this unit but we have watched some DVD’s already and this one is called WA$TED its about these people that have done un eco things that harm the environment and there is something called the digital footprint. I may also watch more movies but i am uncertain.

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Cyber Safety

by 043068 on November 10, 2010

On November 10th I learned about cyber safety and how to be safe on the internet and a teacher from New Zealand came and told us to fill out some sheets and how to be safe. She says that nothing on the internet is private and she asked us about online social networking websites. We had to watch a lot of clips and she told us how to be safe on the internet. There were also some documentaries on people arguing on the internet. Cyber bullying is being a bully online you wouldn’t do it for real so don’t do it on the internet. She also told us to write some things about what you know and how you feel on the internet. We had to sit down and watch for a total of an hour and twenty minutes. Everybody now knows that you could make someone really feel sad on the internet especially by cyber bullying. When we were there i thought about a lot of things of what i use to do online but now i know what to do. If you think about it seems a bit strange but it is nice to know see you later and thank you for reading.


Family Fun Fair

by 043068 on November 8, 2010

On Sunday we went to this fun thing at school and its called F.F.F there was a lot of food and games. Everyone won a lot of prizes but the prizes were stationary. My mom didn’t stay but at 3:30 she came and picked me up. I was there from 1:00-3:00 and i was with my friends too. On that day there was a lot of barbecue and animals. There was one very fun game where you throw a shoe and which ever box it lands in you get that prize. There was also a bouncy castle but i didn’t go there was a lot games for girls but it was still fun. I do not know why but in the end I got a lot of prizes I think I had about 15 or so. I’m so mad that weekends seem so fast and family fun fair is over but thats life. I soon will not be doing this blog about school and all these post will not be here. Back to FFF my sister was with her friends and she didn’t want to share anything with me. On that day I realized that my entire family should be there but they weren’t  there but i was still happy to be their. I also found one of my best friends and old neighbors there. I also stuck with two of my other friends for a little bit of time and most of my friends had to leave. My sister bought a lot of candy and went to different places but i didn’t because i wanted to be with my friends. My mom went for a work out and i couldn’t go before i went to FFF i went skateboarding a few kilometers and to this playground and i was sweating like crazy. I came home much faster then my mom because i skateboarded home. After i came home i went to a computer and tried to play a game until i was interrupted and my mom told me not to play and to go change


My October Break

by 043068 on October 25, 2010

T.C.C.O.B.BOn my break i kind of stayed home with my sister and my mom. During that time i went to this arcade a lot with my sister.I also watched a lot of C.S.I Miami season 4 and season 8. I stayed home mostly with my mom. She slept a lot which i do not know why. My friend came over and we played some video games. There was one day where my mom’s friends came over. A few of them had children that I also played games also with because my other friend was still at my house. After playing games my friends left When i watched the movie Curios Case of Benjamin Button while eating coffee ice cream i got so tired like the effect was in reverse because coffee keeps you awake. I did not go to any other countries. I stayed in Hong Kong and on Sunday i kept saying to my dad that i hate Sundays because the weekend is over. On the weekends for dinner i would have barbecue and Caesar salad that i prepare my self. I would always watch a movie until 1 in the morning. For snack we like carrots and sour cream onion soup mix very yummy. I watched some part of Lord of the Rings the Two Towers.


Blog action day:water

by 043068 on October 15, 2010

People are littering in the water and animals are dieng. People litter things like





If you wish to help then o not hurt the  sea. For more information go to this link. Try your best and spread the word to your family and friends cause this is important.If you see someone doing something wrongtell them not to.

Last year the unit was on climate change how the heat and cold are changing.


What I already know about the unit

I know that Solid, Liquid and gas can be formed with matter.When solid objects are over heated it turns into Liquid.When liquid is over heated it forms to gas which is poisonousI also know that Matter is everything.Solid,liquid and gas are all just states of matterThere is another form of matter which is plasma.When atoms get torn away by electrons it gets the form of plasma.Matter can never be created. Matter can never be destroyed.Matter and materials are in no way the same.Materials are things like



-Types of Metal



What  I do not know about the unit.

Why matter can’t be destroyed.Why matter can’t be created. How does matter have different forms.Why are matter and materials different.

How do i feel about the unit

I have good feelings about the unit because i love experiments. I think that the unit is gonna be great because i like science a lot.


My Acrostic poem

by 043068 on October 4, 2010

Please do not have war and fight with others.

Enjoy the time you have with your family.

And try not to argue or be mean to others.

Control your hard feelings for others and be happy.

Encourage others help you control yourself


My communication technology invention

by 043068 on September 29, 2010

For our unit of inquiry we created presentations using PREZI.

Every DJ invented a communication technology of the future.

Click HERE to see mine

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6 random facts about me

by 043068 on September 28, 2010

I AM DJ 1. I have a sister and i like cheese parmesan cheese.

I love to listen to pop music and ACDC. Thumbs to all ACDC fans

I love to go to thailand. I grew up there for the first 4 years of my life

I am a grade 5 student and just got a blog

I will say bye bye. : ) I like computers.

I have a xbox 360.