11 Sep


Welcome to my school Blog! My name is Joey, I am in the 8th grade at CDNIS. I use this blog to reflect on learning ...
26 May

Drama Final Performance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pP7lmn0L_k&feature=youtu.be   A highlight of this performance was definitely during the rehearsals, where even though we were focused and serious; we were able to still laugh and ...
23 May

CAS week

Friends. They're important, they make things fun, they make you laugh, they help you, they're there for you and best of all, they initiate change. ...
14 Jan

Music recently

In P.E we started the swim unit, this meant that music became a full period. I noticed that just lately when I play; it feels ...
21 Dec

Drama 2013

This semester in drama, there were a lot of things I learned. In the melodrama unit; I learned how to play a character properly, I ...
29 Oct

Waste Not, Want Not II

                              This is the packaged I designed in Sketchup, you can guess its a very simple box, measured, but when its actually built, its more complex. ...
29 Oct

Not Waste, Not Want

                    Good features The box perfectly fits the apple, it has a simple but very strong closing cover/closing flaps, the box is light and it can be ...
20 Mar

Coming Attractions

Watch this space for my Hong Kong Heritage documentary about the 1881 Former Fire Station You can watch the movie in progress at my website Click Here ...
21 Jan

My Bird Creation/Picture

Strengths -Its Huge (4m tall) -Sharp Talons -Sharp and Strong Beak -Bright Camo. for attracting prey -Big Strong wings for long flying Weaknesses -Runs into tress a lot because it is very ...
19 Apr

SLLR Reflection

My thought: Preparing for the SLLR changed my way of learning because before I learned through being a thinker, but now I am a communicator.The ...
01 Nov

Art intro

A couple days ago I started my art intro. The intro is for this picture.   My intro was this.       Title: Raspberries Year: 2011 Artist: Joey Boyer Medium: Water Colors Canvas: A3 ...
07 Oct

Steve Jobs

On October 5th, Steve Jobs died. It was very sad and he died of cancer. I've found out that he's never went to college. He ...
23 Sep

Week in review

This week we did many things and had a lot of homework. During P.E we played basketball games, but not matches. Tomorrow we are probably ...
07 Jun

Exam tomorrow

Tomorrow june 8th is the final exam. My teacher asked to tell you how i will study tonight. Tonight i will study by reviewing my human ...
01 Jun

Internet safety

We just came back from a presentation in the LLAC about how to take care of MacBooks over the summer but im probably not going to bring ...
28 Apr

My artifact

At school we created artifacts for a field trip called dig day. Before we had to create the artifacts. creating the artifacts was quite hard ...
10 Mar

HK past video

This is a video that we watched in class and it is about hong kong's past. We watched this video so we could learn more ...
25 Feb


This is a P.S.A it tells what you think about something . Many P.S.A's can have different emotions because that is what they do. P.S.A's can be ...
20 Jan

Author Visit

Today two Poets came to our school and shared their poems with us. One of the Authors were SaraHolbrook and the other was MichaelSalinger. They ...
14 Jan

Thanks Mr. Shaw

The performance was amazing and i enjoyed it. I would also love to thank mr. Shaw for helping us with the performance and setting it up. Every ...
09 Dec

This silly day

today all we did was our morning exercise. After we started talking about this amazing green school it's all about caring for the environment and ...
03 Dec


This is my wordle and it describes my blog and whats on it. If you would like to make one than please click here
25 Nov


Perspective is a point of view one person and there are other perspectives too. It is also a point of view like the way you would ...
16 Nov


Today and yesterday we watched a movie called WA$TED it is about these people that are harming the environment and this group of eco friendly ...
10 Nov

Cyber Safety

On November 10th I learned about cyber safety and how to be safe on the internet and a teacher from New Zealand came and told ...
15 Oct

Blog action day:water

People are littering in the water and animals are dieng. People litter things like -plastic -paper -cigarettes -etc If you wish to help then o not hurt the  sea. For ...
04 Oct

My Acrostic poem

Please do not have war and fight with others. Enjoy the time you have with your family. And try not to argue or be mean to others. Control ...
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