IB Learner Profile Trait #5- Open Minded

Open Minded

I believe that I am open minded because of my willingness to accept other people’s perspectives and other communities traditions and culture. After the basketball season in CDNIS, I received an action plan on how I could improve. I accepted the feedback from my coach, and I have been consistently trying to apply the feedback into my training sessions so that I could become a better basketball player. This demonstrates my willingness to accept other perspectives. I also demonstrated my open mindedness through my acceptance of the Fijian culture when we visited a traditional village. During our stay in the village, I was really open to their customs and I enjoyed their lifestyle as well as their food. Through this, I gained a better understanding of my culture and the Fijian culture. This demonstrated my values of other cultures, and my growth from the experience.

See below for the evidences:

Improvement plan for basketball


Preparation of the Fijian food

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