IB Learner Profile Trait #3- Knowledgeable


To be knowledgeable means to explore concepts and ideas that have a local and global significance. I believe that I have demonstrated this through my personal project as I focused on exploring the origins of the universe and communicating what I have learned to an audience that knows nothing about this topic. I spent a year researching on this topic and as a result, I have gained in-depth knowledge on this topic. I believe that this has a global significance because learning about this subject would give us a good insight on the future of the universe as well as the present one. I have also exhibited this attribute through the ‘knowledgeable’ award which was awarded to me in 2014. The award is only given to two people every semester and it is awarded by exhibiting the curiosity to explore topics which have a local and global significance.

See below for the evidences:

Personal Project Product (Please view the product in full screen)

Knowledgeable Award

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