My name is Yan Yan (but known as cookie18 on this blog) and I’m from Hong Kong. Anyways, before I go on to introducing myself more, I’m giving a big thank-you to cyber-citizens out there who have visited my blog, whether intentionally or not.
This blog has been running for three years since I was in Grade 5, and it’s astonishing how I’ve improved on my writing and social skills over that stretch of time.
Anyways, I like reading, writing, playing the piano, flute and oboe, running, playing basketball, drawing manga and coloring on photoshop (will post if I can :P), and making remixes of music that I really like, but the one that tops my list is writing. You may think that’s a boring life but I have more things on my schedule… Life’s an adventure!
My favorite color is blue and it’s a wonder none of my posts are highlighted blue, let alone have the word blue in it. 😛
Thank you all, once again for visiting my blog! Have fun browsing and reading through my posts~! (but please, please, please, no spamming with bots 😛 Don’t spam because I can spam you back I know Javascript too)

(Note: as I have a few requests of people wanting to contact me and ask about my blog posts, here’s my email address you can spam up quite happily (satire!):
and my twitter account which you can follow:

🙂 s to go,

((Update 17/09/12:

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catherinel19110722 February 6, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Wow! You have awesome widgets! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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