A woolly mammoth+qipaos+LegCo… how much more crazy will this holiday get?

by cookie18 on 01/05/2012

Hi! It’s Cookie 18 and I’m back eating cookies! (wow… that pun was NOT intended, I tell you…)
I haven’t been on for a long while and I will probably will not be on for the next month or so… it’s about time that the Grade 6s started their final project of the year, and I tell you, we’re going to be busy busy!
Now, back to what I was going to write: oh yes, I was going to tell you what happened over the holidays. Yes, there is yet another school holiday going on in my life. Anyways, it was a pretty interesting and derpy holiday, considering what exhibits I went to.
As you can see, I saw a woolly mammoth. Yes, a woolly mammoth. Not those ones in Ice Age. A real woolly mammoth. Her name is Lyuba and she was discovered in Siberia, and she is currently on display in IFC until the 10th of May, so if you hurry she’ll still be there.
Lyuba is approximately 42,000 years old-but she was just 1 month old when she died by suffocation. She is considered the world’s most complete mammoth, as her body is just missing her left ear (bitten off by dogs), tail (bitten off by dogs too), and toenails (fell off when decomposing), and has opened a door of the Ice Age to scientists. It was truly amazing to see the mummified, leathery body of a baby mammoth.
Pic of Lyuba:

Besides mammoths, I went to Hong Kong’s Legislative Council just to take a look at the structure. I was especially wowed by the meeting room, a.k.a ‘Chamber’. It is actually more spacious than the older Legislative Council’s ‘Chamber’, and the green design of letting sunlight in instead of turning on lights is very innovative. Besides that, I found the Memory Lane helpful to learning about Legco’s history.

Now, just to conclude the post, I went to a Qipao exhibit in Olympian City- for those who don’t know what a Qipao is, it’s a traditional dress Chinese women wear and it was the height of fashion in China in the 1940-50s.
Pic of a Qipao.

And just something to keep you guys nosebleeding while I’m away for the next 2 months:

:)s to go,
Cookie 18

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