Hunger Games- Movie Review

by cookie18 on 01/04/2012

Since it’s the Easter holidays I might be posting more- Yay!

Today I watched the Hunger Games movie- yep, and it was sure amazing, exactly what the review said. And it literally goes word for word of the book, unlike the movie of Eragon, which is a complete mash-up of all 3 books and completely goes off the storyline- so Suzanne Collins fans should be happy!

The cast was well picked for the movie: Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss Everdeen well (though I think Hailee Steinfeld could do an equal good job of it), Isabelle Furhman (portaying Clove) did her job well too when she fought Katniss, really emphasizing the hate she had for her. Amandla Stenberg was a good choice for Rue, being the petite girl who could climb trees. The only actress whom I think received too much attention from media (and couldn’t act properly) of the Hunger Games was Willow Shields (who portrayed Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’s sister). She did a good job wailing and crying, but I think she overdid it.

Lots of reviews said the movie was bloody, and in fact it was- but the movie did a really good job of concealing the blood and only letting it out when needed. So blood wasn’t in great big pools of blood. (The special effects and make-up was stunning!) The Hunger Games movie was full of suspense too, and I was almost always on the brink of a heart attack.


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