IB Learner Profile Trait 1: Balanced

In the IB, a balanced person is “someone who understands the importance of physical, intellectual and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves”. The images below prove my evidence as a balanced student because the two themes (swimming and music) are essentially the two other aspects that are required to meet the criteria for being balanced. Intellectual balance is really the academic aspect, so achieving an honor roll meets this criterion. However, it is really the physical and emotional balances that make an IB student truly balanced. Physical, or athletics is shown through images of participation in my swimming competitions, as well as athletic excellence from the medal. And emotional balance (or creativity balance) is shown in my commitment to piano, evidenced by my diploma certificate. Piano excellence was achieved through my award at the 18th Hong Kong-Asia Open Competition. Overall, these three balances are shown in the below images of evidence to prove that I am a balanced student.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.15.43 am

Me during SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activities Conference) Swimming 2016 after a race.

Ryan is happy to get a bronze medal for his very first SEASAC

Bronze medal for the 200-meter Medley Relay, SEASAC Singapore 2012. Next to it, a “postcard” souvenir from my swim coaches calling me the “quiet achiever” (achieving many things yet not talking a lot).


Certificate handed out by our own school to congratulate our achievement on the 200-meter Medley Relay.


School Swim Team photo, 2015 ISSFHK (International Schools’ Sports Federation of Hong Kong) Swimming Championships. Faces have been “blurred” to protect the privacy of the respective persons.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.44.40 am

Certificate of my diploma in piano, 2014. Middle name blurred to prevent revealing my full identity.



Awards won for the 18th Hong Kong-Asia Open Competition, Senior Open Class (explained in Resumé). Face has been blurred to protect the privacy of the respective person.


Honor Roll (achieved by getting IB marks of 5/7 in all subjects with one exception), 2014-15 (Grade 9). Middle name blurred to prevent revealing my complete identity.

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