CAS: CAS Project LO5 Reflection

by Yi Nok Ryan on January 30, 2018

LO5 states that the student shares skills and knowledge, listens respectfully to proposals from peers, is willing to take on different roles within a team, shows respect for different points of view and ideas, makes valuable contributions, is responsible for participating in the group, readily assists others and is able to identify, demonstrate and discuss critically the benefits and challenges of collaboration gained through CAS experiences.

Between Roger, Jonathan and I, we almost had to constantly “share” our language skills, specifically Cantonese. As all of our “targeted audience” spoke Cantonese, it was important that we had to be able to communicate with them in Cantonese at a sufficient level. However, none of us are particularly good at that level of Cantonese (except maybe Jonathan). As such, we had to constantly help each other out with vocabulary when we were stuck in expressing something.

We were participating in a group, which is the program that we participated in. We also took initiative in executing the roles and functions of being a member of that program. We spoke to those in need, and we offered them meal boxes. We prayed for them when they asked for it.

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