CAS: CAS Project LO4 Reflection

by Yi Nok Ryan on January 30, 2018

LO4 states that the student demonstrates regular involvement and active engagement with the CAS project, is able to foresee potential challenges to the initial plan and consider valid alternatives and contingencies, demonstrates adaptability to uncertainties and changes and gets involved in long-term CAS experiences and CAS project.

Roger, Jonathan and I have demonstrated regular involvement and active engagement with the CAS Project by participating in the program whenever possible, meaning we were actively engaged in our CAS Project almost every week. And instead of just meeting the minimum requirements of a CAS Project (one month) we continued participating in the program for a total of at least 2-3 months. We also joined that group again a while later for a one-time free haircut (with refreshments) event that they host annually. This also means that I have participated in a long-term Project.

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