CAS: CAS Project LO3 Reflection

by Yi Nok Ryan on November 7, 2017

LO3 states that the student demonstrates knowledge and awareness by building on a previous CAS experience, shows initiative by launching a new idea or process, suggests creative ideas, proposals or solutions, integrates reflective thoughts in planning or taking initiative, is aware of roles and responsibilities when designing an individual or collective CAS experience, shows responsible attitude to CAS project planning and is able to develop a coherent action plan taking into account the aim or purpose, activities and resources.

For my CAS Project, there was less initiative by means of creating new plans and/or ideas since our activity was for the most part was already structurally set based on the organisation we were integrated with. However, we were able to take existing ideas and use creative ways to improve them, or propose ideas to better carry out our task. For example, Roger, Jonathan and I noticed how the route seemed to overlap quite a lot and so we suggested to remove the overlaps to maximise our probability to meet more poor and homeless people and deepen our impact to the community.

For our group (i.e. Roger, Jonathan and I), we did to a certain extent assign responsibilities. Roger made the group chat for which we used to communicate ideas and/or to figure out the days on which we participated in the activity. I was the photographer, taking some photos for proof as well as just documenting our journey as a whole.

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