CAS: CAS Project LO2 Reflection

by Yi Nok Ryan on November 3, 2017

LO2 states that the student participates in an experience that demands an appropriate personal challenge (this could be with new or familiar experiences), is willing to become involved in unfamiliar environments and situations, acquires new skills and abilities, increases expertise in an established area and shows newly acquired or developed skills or increased expertise in an established area.

My CAS Project revolves around unfamiliar environments and situations – after all, conversing and serving the poor is not something that occurs daily for me. By doing this, I am more knowledgeable about the poorer areas of Hong Kong and the people who reside in such areas. I am also now better at communicating with those people and know more about their lives.

The personal challenge from this experience was the activity itself. The serving of the poor is a relatively new activity for me and so the personal challenge was to get good at it, be familiar with it, and to obtain better social skills when conversing with the poor.

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