CAS: CAS Project LO1 Reflection

by Yi Nok Ryan on November 3, 2017

LO1 states that the student is aware of own strengths and weaknesses, is open to improvement and growth opportunities, is willing to participate in different activities, is able to undertake a thoughtful self-evaluation and is able to see themselves as individuals with various abilities and skills, some more developed than others.

Through my CAS Project, I have demonstrated that I am willing to partake in an activity that is not available in school or in extra-cirriculars. As I expressed during the duration of the CAS Project with Roger and Jonathan, this activity is a very unique experience and is not readily available for the most part.

My strengths lie in my attentiveness, care (in terms of accomplishing tasks) and reflective abilities. When we are preparing all the food and materials for our service Project, I complete those tasks (e.g. preparing the food into food boxes) with heart, not simply as another random chore. I make sure that those food boxes are packed properly and cleanly. When we go out and ask the poor how they are doing (the group I am integrated with has a strong relationship between themselves and the poor), I listen very well and I learn more about them and their lifestyle. I am able to reflect greatly upon what we did after each time in terms of what I was able to learn from our conversations and other visual observations.

However, my weaknesses lie mostly in terms of initiative. Whilst I am very good at stepping back and passively learning more by means of attentiveness and listening, I am less active in terms of engaging with those we service. That is, I tend to speak less to them and listen more to what they say. Furthermore, my lack of confidence in my Cantonese-speaking abilities is probably why I decide to listen more than I do talk. Roger tends to talk more to them than either me or Jonathan.

Thus, my stronger skills lie in listening, awareness, and reflection whilst my weaker skills lie in social skills, Cantonese-speaking skills and initiative.

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