IB Learner Profile (Balanced)

From joining the Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS)  since 2004, the school has made me understand the importance of living a well-balanced lifestyle. This guided me to become a balanced young individual who recognises the importance in managing between academics and extra curricular activities. I currently play football for the U-20s school football team, as well as for the U-16 Volleyball team. I also participate in other activities such as the Award for Young People, Athletics Council, Interact Club, and learning the guitar. I feel that participating in these sports/clubs has acted as a form of leisure where I can take time off the intense and competitive nature of academics at school and relax. Aside from this, being balanced also means that I have acquired the skill of managing my time correctly. This had made me a successful student, who has received an Honer Roll certificate for every school term (from middle school-high school). 

U-20's SEASAC Footbal Team Individual Portrait

U-20’s SEASAC Footbal Team Individual Portrait

I have been playing football since I was 6 years old, it is an activity which I am really passionate about, and also is really beneficial to me since it helps me improve my physical ability and become a healthy individual.

Grade 2 Guitar Certificate in 2013

Grade 2 Guitar Certificate in 2013

I have always enjoyed playing music, and played music since I was very young, this award shows my commitment in my extra curricular activities and shows my ability to balance between my intellectual and emotional  strengths.
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Grade 9 Honour Roll Certificate

I consistently receive the honour roll award every year, which indicates that I am great at balancing my academic life and my extra curricular activities and hobbies.

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