How Did I Change As a Result of My Reflection? (Part 2)


One of the most profound experiences I have had this year by far was my CAS Week trip to Fiji. You may be asking, what is there to reflect on, wasn’t Fiji just chilling around on Mana island, and relaxing on the beaches? Sure that was part of it, but what I believe will stick with me the most from the trip was my experience with working at a local Fijian school to help with a construction project including paving a concrete walkway which would from the school gate to the main school block and from the main school block to the washroom block, and also building a shelter over this pathway. Aside from working on this project, we also spent time interacting and playing games with the local schoolchildren, including playing football with the children in the rain! During this time, I was able to learn about their lifestyle and cultures, and I was especially shocked by their living and learning conditions. Despite them being visibly less privileged then us, a major contrast I saw between them and students from our school is the positive attitude they have towards learning and life in general. I found that they were often very happy, always smiling, and always excited to learn something new. This experience allowed me to realise just how fortunate I am to receive such a great education at CDNIS and to be living such a safe, and multicultural city. I have also tried to develop the same positive attitude that the Fijians have towards everything, because being positive is the key to happiness. Something which I remember vividly was when the rain started to pour on the last day, and I was very happy to see that the new rain shelter we built along the pathway allowed students to get to their parents on the other side of the school without getting wet, and that showed how just a bit of hard work can make an impact on the lives of the children at the school.