Heart Valve Prototype Reflection

Throughout the past few weeks, the Design and Science department has given me a task to recreate an artificial heart valve to demonstrate to G6 students. I created many prototypes and had made numerous alterations from my final prototype in order to have a final artificial heart valve model that not only demonstrates all the design and scientific specifications, but is also one that I am proud of in presenting to an audience. I have made many changes during the final completion stages of my final model. The changes assisted me in creating a model with increased efficiency and attractiveness, therefore contributing to both subject courses. Firstly, instead of using a white PVC pipe, I had decided to buy clear plastic tubing from a store to use instead, as I knew that it would make it much easier for the lower school G6 students to understand, and allow them to learn about heart valves and its function to a deeper extent. This is because clear plastic will allow the target audience to see the heart valves functions in greater detail. However a problem was the diameter of the tube was a bit too small, so a marble did not fit. I had to use my critical thinking and cut a plastic folder and roll it instead, in the end the material was still quite durable and was also semi-transparent, which was transparent enough for people to see its inner workings and processes. Aside from this I also decided to have a double layered and ringed ballon to connect both tubes. Double rings of balloon indicates that one of the balloons has been wrapped up on each other, which helps demonstrating a 2 layered vale, with durability, and the function of the one way valve. Apart from this I had also decided to create a stand for my heat valve, so that it is transportable. I then utilised paper and plastic folders cut from plastic sheets to make the whole model waterproof and also have labels on both the valve model and the stand to visually show to the audience the many parts within the heart valve. In the end I was extremely happy with the changes I have made, and believe that I have created a very successful product.