16 Bar Melody Composition Process #6

After finishing the ending for my melody, I was finished. I think that I have met all the requirements in the rubric. Also I am confident that I would get a good grade for this because so far Mr. Dacho commented on my 8th bar melody saying the melody was good, and I got the same response from my classmates. I believe that I would be able to achieve a 6/8 or a 7/8 for this assessment. I found it surprising that I have learned so quickly in finale, I still remember when I could only insert notes on finale when I was in grade 6. But now I have improved a lot. Overall this was a very fun summative! 🙂

16 Bar Melody Composition Process #5

After receiving feedback, I listened to my melody again then realised that the ending to my song was not too good. So I changed up up a little more. Originally the ending was a pair of  eighth-notes with a single eigth-note, then a half note. But then I changed them to 2 pairs of eighth-notes, and a final half note. This made it seem more like an ending. Because it was less simple and there were longer notes.




16 Bar Melody Composition Process #4

After finishing my melody, I decided to go to my friends for some feedback to understand what I can change or add in order to make it sound better. A friend suggested that I should include a little more articulation markings, and to change the tempo a little. I thought that she was right. I added a little more dynamics and staccatos to show more emphasis in some parts of my melody. I think that this helped make it even more successful. I also changed my tempo from 120 bpm to 118 bpm. I only shifted it a little because in real life this song would be a little hard to play and if there is more time to switch between frets, then it would be easier to play.

I added articulation markings and changed the tempo of the song

16 Bar Melody Composition Process #3

After changing the 16th note, I started adding to my melody. I knew the task descriptor and rubric pointed out that the melody should be playable in real life, including conjunct and disjunct motion, and should have the same melodic balance with the 8th bar melody. So I tried repeating parts of the rhythm and adding some new ones as well. I also played around with the notes, until I made something that I really liked.

This was what I had after playing around with Finale. I tried to incorporate some notes and rhythm from the old melody into the new one.

This is the 8th bar melody, before I had changed anything.

16 Bar Melody Composition Process #2

In order to create a successful 16 bat melody, I read the feedback that was given to me by Mr. Dacho for my 8 bar melody. I found out that In measure 2 I should avoid to use sixteenth notes followed by three quarters and one sixteenth. Because rhythmically it would be too difficult  to count as precisely shown. Also sixteenths are usually grouped in 2 or 3 not in odd numbers. So I decided to take out the sixteenth note and replace it with a triplet. I believe that it now sounds better and is now rhythmically easier to count it. Also before I changed it into a triplet, there was a rest in the second measure, which made the melody stutter a little. But after adding the triplet it is more smooth.

Before: 16th note on 2nd measure

After: Triplet on 2nd measure replacing the 16th note

16 Bar Melody Composition Process #1

Last week, we were told to create an 8 bar rhythm then to use the rhythm to create a melody. This week our task is to create a 16 bar melody which is our summative. I decided to use my 8 bar melody and build from it, and change it up a little. For example I can add some articulation markings or change the notes a little to see if it would sound better.

Community & Service: Big Wave Bay Beach Cleanup

Today was the community & service day for the whole of grade 8, we got to select one out of the many choices for CAS. From recycle-bin painting to cooking for people in the Chung King Mansions (which we learned about last week). I chose to do the beach cleanup, because I have watched a few videos online showing how birds and other animals have eaten garbage from the beach and have died because of the toxic inside it.

When we arrived I couldn’t see too much garbage, but as I looked closer I found that the garbage were all broken into very small pieces. Also in the very edge This made me realise that this was the reason why so many animals get intoxicated, the garbage were often shiny, and colourful. And animals are usually attracted to things like this, in the end they misconceive them for food, so they eat them and eventually die. There were all sorts of garbage plastic, glass, paper, and a whole lot of cigarettes everywhere. I think that this is outrageous, many of Hong Kong’s beaches are already very polluted and Big Wave Bay is only one of the few beaches which are less polluted and have cleaner water. I think that the citizens of Hong Kong should really be more caring for our beaches and oceans, during this trip I even saw a few dead baby fishes lying on the beach, and its us to blame. This made me feel more dedicated into cleaning up the beach, in hope that I would not see anymore dead fishes. If we did not help contribute to cleaning up the beach today, all the waste on and off the beach would eventually drift off to the pacific gyre where waste from various parts of the world are gathered  into one vortex. This could have caused even more damage to our oceans, so I am very lucky to be able to clean it up with my friends today.

I believe that Hong Kong has already done something to solve this problem, but its only a start. In my community there are often many flyers in bus stops about beach cleanups every few months. But I think that the cleanups should be more consistent because almost every week they are covered with garbage. But this isn’t really solving the problem, Hong Kong as a “whole” has to work together to find a solution. I think that people in our community should understand that what they are doing are affecting their own community which they are living in, and what they are doing are harming themselves and their surrounding environment as well. After this trip I am a lot more clear about what is happening in our oceans and beaches, how our environment has been affected by it, and how important keeping our beaches clean is. I am very thankful for this great experience, as it helped me learn a lot. I really enjoyed this trip, and felt that it was very meaningful way to help out our community and the world. 🙂