iFolio: G7 Chiang Rai Trip iFolio

On May 6, 2013, I woke up at 5:00 to catch the airport bus. From that day I would be spending a whole week in the Maekok River Village Resort and Outdoor Education Centre in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We did a variety of fun activities during the trip. Kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and Thai cooking were just a few of the activities I enjoyed.

During this trip I think I have demonstrated quite a few IB learner profile attributes. I think being a Risk-Taker was one of the attributes I showed during this trip. This is because there were many activities that I have never done before or only done a few times. But I was confident and was very exited for each and every activity. For example during a trip to the Thai market to shop for the Thai cooking class, we were given a paper with the Thai language, and we were supposed to ask for ingredients from people in the market. At first no one in my group spoke up, but then I took the courage the speak up and ask for something. And surprisingly she understood what I was saying! Also during the confidence course (which is a obstacle course in the resort) the instructor asked for volunteers that wanted to go first, and I stepped right in. It turned out very fun, it was just like a Wipeout cource! We had to balance on chains, swing around, balance on balancing beams, and going on steel chains and monkey bars. I really liked this activity and this was one of my highlights of the week. I was also Balanced during the trip because during free time I had a good amount of time resting and a good amount of time hanging out with friends and playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and ping-pong. Also I had a good amount of sleep, because I found that everyone in my room slept even before lights out. We could still hear people in other rooms yelling and screaming, when we were resting.

How did you show personal responsibility on this trip?

I showed personal responsibility during this trip as I did my part to keep my room clean and tidy. Whenever there was trash on the floor I either throw it into the bin, or ask someone in my room to. I always felt that not everyone in the room were doing their job of cleaning their own rooms, but I just did what we were told, to have a neat and tidy room. In the end my efforts benefitted to our room, the room was tidy, and in the end we won the prize for the cleanest room! Which was a big bag of Mentos!

What did the community service activity help you understand about people less privileged than you?

After doing the community service of playing with the children and building the canteen for the school, I couldn’t have felt more privileged before. I realized how lucky I am to be able to study in the Canadian International School. And how lucky I am to be provided with so many facilities. When I was painting the canteen I realized that it was very small and only about 10-15 people could eat there once a time. This is a big difference compared to the two canteens in our school. When I was playing with the school kids, I realized how simple their needs were and how easy it was for them to have fun.

In conclusion, I think that a lot was learned during the trip to Chiang Rai, it was a fun and truly memorable trip for everyone.