iFolio on the KMT Court Case

These few months, we have been conducting many experiments on the Kinetic Molecular Theory. After this we have been doing a court case where the defense side tries to prove the existence of the KMT, and the prosecution side tries to prove how to KMT is false. I contributed to this court case as I was the jury and a witness of one of the experiments we did (the M&M Dissolving Experiment). In the end the final decision from the jury was a hung jury, which means no one wins, because two of the juries (including me) chose that the KMT  is true. And two other juries chose that the KMT was false.

“A picture of the defense teams lawyer”


“Picture of the jury taking notes and observing which team is right, and making their decisions”

I did not agree with the jury’s verdict (even tough I was part of the jury). Because it ended up as a hung jury. I think that the defense should have won the case because, they had lots of valuable information, and I thought that the defense lawyers did a very good job in persuading the court in why the KMT is real. The witnesses also did vey well because each witness proved that 2 or more statements of the KMT are correct. For example they proved that the M&M’s contained very small particles, that they were in constant motion. One thing the witness also showed was how the water particles absorbed the sugar particles from the M&M, which helped the M&M dissolve. In the plateau experiment it also showed that when heat is added to a substance there is more kinetic energy. This was proven right because when they mixed the substance with a stirring rod. The particles moved faster and the substance gained kinetic energy.

My job was to be a witness for the M&M experiment and the jury for the court case. I fulfilled my responsibilities as a witness by taking videos on my phone on the experiment. After, I put the clips onto iMovie and I created a mix of our findings and shots from the experiment. As a jury I fulfilled my responsibilities by taking notes as the witnesses were speaking and making the final decision.

If I could do a different job for the court case, I would love to be the lawyer because I thought that it must have been fun, being able to argue with the other team, while trying to persuade them. I think that job is the best, if I want the teacher to know how much I know about the unit.

One thing I learned about KMY during our investigations were that there are particles in matter. I learned this when I did the iron in cereal experiment. I found it fascinating. I always hear people talking about how there is iron in food, but I thought that it was really weird because you can’t see it and I always thought that iron was poisonous.

I think I improved as a scientist after this KMT court case. This is because we got to show our knowledge of the KMT on the spot, we   needed enough knowledge to answer to the questions the lawyers ask, which helps a lot with my critical thinking.

iFolio Fractions and Decimals

Where would you fall on the stress and learning graph? Why?

I think that I would fall in 4 because throughout the whole unit I was very nervous and anxious. Because I always thought that I was more behind than other people in my class


What was challenging about this unit? What was easy?

I think that this unit was not easy, and it was very challenging. This is because even tough I have learned this math topic before, I am not very familiar with it. And to me there are some things I need to memorize for example doing reciprocals.


How was your effort in class and at home reflected in your assessment results?

I think my effort in class and at home was entirely different reflected on my assessment. At home and school I could answer the questions easily most of the time. But I was so nervous the day of the test I did many careless mistakes.


What activities did you like in this unit?

One activities I really enjoyed in this unit was when we got to work in moving groups and do many fun activities, for example the iPad fraction game.