The Update

The Update

-Sarah Brennan poetry workshop
-New Unit on the human body
-Watched Bill Nye and Eyewitness video on Skeletons
-Played Ultimate Frisbee
-5D and 6D assembly

This week Sarah Brennan went to our class to do a poetry workshop with us, she only went to our class because we have been participating in most of her poetry contests, in the workshop she showed us different sorts of poetry like Limericks and Haikus but the thing was, we had already learned the poetry she had talked about because most of the one she taught us were from her poetry competitions so our teacher had already taught  us that sort of  poetry, but the workshop was also fun because we got to play a game call unscramble poetry all you need to do put the poems in to place by finding if the poem are following the rules of the poems, another game was when Sarah said a word and she would tell one of us to say another word to rhyme with it, it was very fun.

This week we played Ultimate Frisbee in P.E, in Ultimate Frisbee there are two teams a player needs to pass to another person on his team with out letting the other team from interfering the frisbee by hitting it down or by holding the frisbee then you have to run to a specific spot and if some one throws it to you when your there and you catch it you score and get a point for your team.

This week was the 5D and 6D assembly we got to watch a music video starring 5D their music video was on Usher’s song “DJ got us fallin in love again” it was a very good music video too, I think they payed a lot of effort on the video.5D also did a play on the daily life of grade five it was ridiculously funny it play showed five students with totally different personalities. having arguments about who was a better student and what exams did they ace, That not really a life of a grade 5 student though. After 6D showed us a news show on some recent news it was really funny at the end because some one at the end was pretending to shoot a gun and was making sound effects for himself. After there was the awards for the grades 5 and 6, I was really happy because I got an award,my award was for putting effort on my work.

Phew what a tiring week

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