Photo Of The Day

This is a picture of a Chinese Bul Bul, this bird is most common seen in east asia like: Tokyo and Hong Kong.

I chose this picture because this bird always flies around my house every  morning, and recently they built a birds nest in my front yard, they have already had 3 eggs and they are starting to hatch. I read on the internet that they have 13 days until it hatches but if it passes 13 days it means the birds had abandoned their eggs. The internet also said only 50% of the eggs could survive and get hatched, But it has been raining for some time and the birds haven’t been coming back. So the eggs only have little hope of hatching this time.

However, I am sure the birds will come back, lay eggs and eventually hatch them properly into baby birds in the future.



The Quiz Reflection

This week we have been doing some tests and we have been trying out new strategies to study, for this test our strategy was to read a worksheet and try to memorize the information in the paper.
I don’t think I did really well this time mainly because the worksheet had mostly sentence questions and the test we did today was multiple choice questions. We were given 2 periods and the weekend to study for the test, but I only used a few hours on Sunday to study. There were two tests we had to do and they were both multiple choice ones, for my first test I got 6 out of 10 which was ok, but on my second test I got 4 out of 10. I think I could have done better on the second quiz but I found that some of the questions were not on the worksheet.
Next time I should prepare for any type of tests and try to fit in more study time.

The Update

The Update

-Grade 9 simulation

-Puberty talk

-Body systems: Digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system

-Started American Football

-Sports Day assembly

-Geometry test

-Beep test

This week we started playing American Football in P.E, Mr.Steiner our P.E coach taught us the basic ways to throw the ball, after we got the hang of it,  we started right away, we didn’t actually play by the rules of American Football we just played a game like capture the flag the difference was that we were holding a ball. In the end our team won 2-0, we didn’t do much in that P.E lesson.

A few weeks ago we started a new unit, the human body unit we have been watching movies doing tests and having some talks, we got to watch a few movies one was a National Geographic video called Womb it was about how a baby lives in a mothers stomach and how to pull the baby out it was really interesting. For the tests, our teacher gave us different strategies to study for tests for some parts of the body’s system. There was a variety of strategies such as playing some educational games on the internet and making some poems. In the talk the boys were split in to one classroom and the girls were in another classroom. The teachers taught us what we were to face when we go through puberty, he told us that around the age of 13 we would have a lot of hair around our body, he also taught us about how you produce a lot more sweat when we get older so we should always bring some  deoderant just in case.

This week we also had an activity called the grade 9 simulation we got to feel how it was like for some people who have disadvantages to survive. our first activity was to tie up our legs to become a disabled person and race to see who goes the fastest in that  activity we lost but we were still happy because we all got some candy from the 9th graders, our next activity was to become a blind man by wearing blindfolds and to walk around a room to find a prize in the middle of the search for the prize the 8th graders told us to sit down a chair we sat down, then they told us to try to draw a butterfly on paper, after drawing it they told us to take of our blindfolds my picture of a butterfly was terrible it looked like mushed up poo.  When we asked the 9th graders where the prize was he just told us there was no prize, that really fooled us. In our last activity (the funnest) we were to be people that don’t have money and we had to go in to a place filled with newspapers and try to find some water bottles, cans and clips we were split in to two groups for this activity. after we counted the stuff. then we compared with the other group we got the most bottles and clips so we were given 2 cookies to share with our group, it was a really fun simulation.

Tune in next time for another update.


My Digestive System Rap

This week we have been having some tests on our new human body unit, to study we had to make a rap so that we could memorize some information on our unit. Here it is

Food is fuel for life

Its the chemicals we eat

to keep us going

When we have some grub

it falls down

it falls down where?

our Esophagus

After that

to the stomach

where it goes in acid

for it to digest

you won’t get burned

cause it’s filled with mucus

it protects the skin so that

we won’t die

after that

to the intestines

go to the small before the big

After that go to the toilet

The Update

The Update

-Did a quiz for the human body unit

-New math unit (Shapes)

-3D math sculpture

-Last Ultimate Frisbee class

-Human body system graphic organizer

This week was the last Ultimate Frisbee P.E lesson, right after our warm up we went in to our teams right away so that we wouldn’t miss even one minute of it. Our team has a very good strength because we are really good at interfering the frisbee and passing it too. In the first game I was the defender and I think we all did pretty well, because we won the game 3-0, in the next game I still stayed on defense when I got an opportunity I threw a long pass to my teammates and they actually caught it so in that game we won 2-1, in our last game was more challenging for our team because that teams worked more in a team so lastly they beat us 5-3, I will really miss playing Ultimate Frisbee.

This week we had to do a quiz about the human body, on the first day we had to study on the respiratory system but the teacher only let us have one way to study, it was to look at videos and jot down notes that strategy didn’t work for me because I only got 11 out of 8 on the next test my strategy was to make a short video of  the immune system, that didn’t work for me too because I was to busy trying to make a good movie, I didn’t jot down notes the teacher told us to, I think I would like writing a poem about the human body because I love writing poems and the lines are usually really short so it would be easy to memorize.

This week we also made a graphic organizer about the human body we were asked to first write the notes we jotted and just copy it to the paper. There isn’t much to write about it because Im only halfway done for my graphic organizer, so Ill tell you more in my next update.

My Camp Reflection

On Wednesday the whole grade 5 left the school and took the school bus to the Cheung Chau ferry pier in Central, we then took a 30 minute boat ride to Cheung Chau, when we got off the ferry we were spilt in to groups that we had decided on earlier that week, right away we met our camp leaders, Our leader took us to our camp site, it was a really  long walk before we actually got there, we first thought it was going to be a very fast walk because we only saw the out side of Cheung Chau, when we actually got in to the inner part of Cheng Chau we knew it was going to be not just a long walk but a long hike.

When we arrived at the camp site we were exhausted, we were then led to a air conditioned room, our leader introduced her name then told us to change into our swimming suits that we were told to bring to camp, after we walked down to the hill (Sadly) to the beach, when we got there our group leader taught us how to tie some different kinds of knots then we were told to use the equipment provided to build a raft using bamboo, rope and 5 inner tubes. When we were done we got to test our raft by taking it to the water and trying to paddle, but in just 2 minutes our raft fell apart. The next thing we did on that day was the great race, that was where we split in to a smaller group and used a map a compass and a question sheet , we had to go around Cheung Chau to find the answers to the question sheets, but our group didn’t have enough time to find all the answers in the time given so we had to head back to camp before the other teams do but halfway there I vomited and I slowed down the whole group but after that I kept on going and we ended up third place.

On the second day of camp I was still very tired because I didn’t sleep very well that night in the cabin, we met in a small table really close to camp and waited for everyone to arrive then we had a quick breakfast and dashed of to our next activity which was Tie-Dye, Bread making and Rock climbing but we couldn’t have so much people in on activity, so we were split in to two groups, my group got to first do the Tie-Dyeing and the Bread making, The Tie-Dying was easy all you needed to do is to rinse your white shirt for the Tie-Dye activity then you need to put rubber bands on it to make the design, The bread making part was also easy because my mom also teaches me baking and mixing at home so we finished in less than 10 minutes, when the other group was done with rock climbing it was our turn, we got in our harnesses then we got in to a line to go rock climbing we each got to pick a partner to race with, I thought rock climbing was really fun.

Our next activity for that day was The cave exploring it was very exiting we got to take a sampan boat to a further place in Cheung Chau when we arrived we all walked up another hill, when we arrived our guide told us that the cave belonged to a pirate a long time ago when we went inside the cave it was pitch black and very cool so we all needed to use our flash lights, our guide said if we were lucky we would find treasure, I found a old 50 dollar cent which was from 1961 but when I searched in wikipedia the pirate had already died in 1822 so it was impossible it was his treasure.

On the next day we were all very disappointed because because it was raining so we couldn’t do what was planned and it was the last day of camp. but we were told to split up it to groups with a different color then we each were given jobs, my job was to impersonate a camp leader I chose a leader called Adam, I just had to find out what he usually says and does, when I found out I just copied what he did and then added a tattoo because he also had a tattoo it was again really fun then we were all told to go back to our rooms to clean up and make sure that we had got everything we need to go back home. When the teacher approved our rooms we were allowed to walk down the hill to the ferry pier to take the boat back home.

It was a very long ride

.Cheung Chau IslandCheung Chau Island

The Cheung Chau Pirate Cave

The Update

The Update

-Sarah Brennan poetry workshop
-New Unit on the human body
-Watched Bill Nye and Eyewitness video on Skeletons
-Played Ultimate Frisbee
-5D and 6D assembly

This week Sarah Brennan went to our class to do a poetry workshop with us, she only went to our class because we have been participating in most of her poetry contests, in the workshop she showed us different sorts of poetry like Limericks and Haikus but the thing was, we had already learned the poetry she had talked about because most of the one she taught us were from her poetry competitions so our teacher had already taught  us that sort of  poetry, but the workshop was also fun because we got to play a game call unscramble poetry all you need to do put the poems in to place by finding if the poem are following the rules of the poems, another game was when Sarah said a word and she would tell one of us to say another word to rhyme with it, it was very fun.

This week we played Ultimate Frisbee in P.E, in Ultimate Frisbee there are two teams a player needs to pass to another person on his team with out letting the other team from interfering the frisbee by hitting it down or by holding the frisbee then you have to run to a specific spot and if some one throws it to you when your there and you catch it you score and get a point for your team.

This week was the 5D and 6D assembly we got to watch a music video starring 5D their music video was on Usher’s song “DJ got us fallin in love again” it was a very good music video too, I think they payed a lot of effort on the video.5D also did a play on the daily life of grade five it was ridiculously funny it play showed five students with totally different personalities. having arguments about who was a better student and what exams did they ace, That not really a life of a grade 5 student though. After 6D showed us a news show on some recent news it was really funny at the end because some one at the end was pretending to shoot a gun and was making sound effects for himself. After there was the awards for the grades 5 and 6, I was really happy because I got an award,my award was for putting effort on my work.

Phew what a tiring week

The Update

The Update

-Glue together our broken artifacts from dig day
-Watched videos about Ai Weiwei and the “Pale Blue Dot”
-Prepared for the SLLR in class
-Went to the SLLR

This week we got to glue back our broken artifacts from dig day, dig day was really fun, we all got to go to the beach, then we were told to go to specific spots then we started to dig me and my team were digging really fast and we have already dug more than 8 pieces in 10 minutes so I thought that was pretty good work, but in the middle of digging someone in my group was trying to dig like a dog, it was better progress but by accident he put a ton of sand in my eyes, it really hurt a lot, when we glued our artifacts together I got a artifact and it was really hard to glue together but luckily I glued most of my artifact together, after gluing our artifacts we had to walk around the grade 5 area to find our artifacts, the person that glued my artifact did a pretty good job because there was only 2 missing pieces, at the end I found out that the artifact i glued was actually a ear ring, so i guess I didn’t do such a good job after all.

This week we watched a few short clips about “The Pale Blue dot” and another clip about Ai Weiwei , the pale blue dot clip was about how the world is always having wars and that there is only one planet that humans could live in because its not possible for humans to survive  in the conditions of the other planets so we have take care of our own planet, and stop the war from happening, we could also help by being more environmental friendly.

Remember when I wrote about what the SLLR was, well I accidentally wrote about the wrong thing, the SLLR is actually time where you show what you have learned over the whole year, in my classroom there was 6 stations, the first station I went to was  the  math station I taught them how to play a math game called fraction land it was really fun finally my dad won in the game in 5 minutes, the next station we went to was the computer station we had a choice of showing them the PSA i made in the human rights unit or how to write a post for my blog, I chose to show my PSA my parents had already seen mine before but they were still very interested in it, after i showed the process of making my PSA they were really interested in iMovie because I have never taught them how to use iMovie before, the next station we went to was the chinese station I showed them a chinese history project I was working on in class it was about the four great inventions in china which were (Gunpowder, Paper making, Printing and The compass), I presented my project fully with chinese, my next station was literature circles we had to read a chapter of a book then we all had to chose our jobs I chose vocabulary word wizard it means that I have to choose words that I don’t know and write it down in a piece of paper then find out the meaning of the word, my mom and my dad chose connecter which means you have to find a part of the book which you think connects to something in your life, the second last station we went to was the central idea station, I got to choose the unit I was most comfortable in I chose the human rights unit then my mum and dad would ask me some questions about the unit from the sheet of paper the teacher had provided, the last station was the persuasion station, I had to persuade my mum and dad to think that the school should let us wear casual instead of  wearing school uniforms everyday, here were some of my points (The school uniform makes you itchy, you could be more unique if you wear casual, you need to pay for school uniforms) at the end we took my portfolios home and said bye to the teacher.

Wow only a few days of school but a very busy week.