The Friday Update

The Friday update

This week, these fun things happened

-We listened to CDNIS got’s talent (round 1)

-The Grade 6 sale was at lunch

-We started our found poems

-We now do our spelling tests almost everyday

-We started doing persuasive writing

-Today was the last day of swimming

-We started learning fractions

-We did our call numbers test with ms.holm

This week my favorite thing was that It was the end of swimming for the year, almost everyone in our class hate swimming because you get yelled at when you do something wrong, I also like the last day of swimming because we got to play a game called water polo, each team needs a goalie, midfielders, and defenders.

There were 3 teams yellow, green and red, the finally yellow won first place the green team went second place and lastly red came in third.

One of the things I also enjoyed was that we listened to CDNIS got talent because our class is closest to the forum in our floor so just by opening the window we can hear the singers very clearly, we heard it for 3 days some people were very talented, everyone sang very well.

Today we also started our found poems, we needed to find words or phrases in magazines that are relevant to the picture that the teacher gives me.I got a picture of a huge crowd of people brining their surfboards to the beach.I think this project will take a long time because of the finding,cutting and pasting.

I had another great week, and know that every week is going to be a good