The Friday update

The Friday update

-Basketball tryouts

-writing lesson with Sherryl Clark

-3 way conference

-Capture the flag in the 6th floor playground

Class reps meeting

-Box of hope

On thursday Sherryl Clark a writer of 41 books taught our class  how to write a good narrative story, like tricks to keep the reader reading, or making  action or emotions in a story.The hardest part of this activity was writing a first paragraph of a story because i couldn’t think of anything for a story.

This weeks P.E was very fun we got to play a full court game of capture the flag on the 6th floor playground We had lots of time so we played more than 10 rounds witch was very exciting, every team did very well because everyone knew how to be a part of the game, the ending score was finally 6-6.

The 3 way conferences will be on friday or monday and I have already prepared because i have already wrote all my goals for the next term and how to improve by doing it.

I had fun week and looking forward for another.

“Wasted” Reflection

After watching four minutes of the video “Wasted” I already know that those Australian farmers were guilty, because of burning trash but not just that, burning plastic,  it is way worse than burning trash , it creates more and more toxic and after it would turn to dioxin which is a kind of toxic but stronger and more poisonous.

Dioxin are very bad for your health even if you are near or breathing it, I feel very angry for the farmers and feel very bad and sad for the people who are breathing it.

I hope that no one will ever burn trash again.

Friday update

November 12 update

~Cyberbullieng with Robyn Treyvaud

~Remembrance Day assembly

~First swimming class

~LEAP van (smoking)

~Spelling program

~Terra Mater green roof project contest

~New P.E unit (Hockey)

~Mr. Dave’s birthday

This week it was Mr. Dave’s birthday our whole grade celebrated by hiding in the 6th floor cafeteria and yell happy birthday the time he came in, I bet he was very happy.

Our class started the swimming classes, it was boring because all we did was swimming in lengths, and it wasn’t fun because the teacher kept yelling at us.

We also visited the LEAP van this time we focused on smoking we learned that most movie stars get paid to smoke before I thought it was a fake cigarette, I also learned that most people that smoke have more wrinkles than usual, my favorite thing on the LEAP van was watching videos because the teacher would turn of the lights so the whole place will look like a theater.

I hope we wont need to go swimming for one hour, but this week was a very good week I hope  every week could be like this.

Robyn Treyvaud’s Presentation

In these two days Robyn Treyvaud showed us a one hour presentation cyberbullieing, personal information on the internet and being digital cidizenships. She said that she had taught a lot of different students from different countries.

I think that privacy is very important  even in the internet .I learned  that people should not cyberbully others or they will fell very sad. People should not cyberbully, it will also ruin their future because the internet never forgets, if you get older and your boss tries to check you on the internet he might end up having a lot of different information about you and some of the info might be mean stuff you had once said on the internet, so you need to make sure that your that all your digital footprint is all positive.

I had a fun time learning about digital cidizenships I hope I can do this agian.