Why Study History?

1) If we understood the struggles people went through and how they triumphed, we can further understand the present and develop independence with more confidence

2) Without the memory of the past, our society would not be able to develop

3) History teaches us who humans are as individuals

4) Without the truth, man cannot improve

5) History studies human behaviour, thus enables us to make decisions for the future

6) Allows us to judge our present day actions

7) In order to understand the present, we must first understand the past

Ranking : 2, 7, 4, 6, 5, 3, 1


The most important reason for studying history is to prevent history from repeating itself. We must know the mistakes we have made and the consequences it brought, in order to continue to develop a better world without making the same mistakes.


I don’t think that seeing how people got through struggles of war for example, would exactly increase confidence for present day people.