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A wonderful Trip to Chiang Rai Reflection 2013

What a week! For the people following my blog thank you for that. But as you may or may not know last week we went to Thailand for a whole week. We did a variety of activities such as Kayaking, Climbing, Archery,  confidence course and learning how to cook Thai food under the blazing sun. In that week I learned a lot, the resort was really nice it had a volleyball court, rock climbing wall, swimming pool, a gym and a archery place! Visit here to look at the resort

If I had to describe myself using the learner profile, I would describe myself as a risk-taker and being open-minded to other people. I was a risk-taker because I tried things that I was scared at the start and over comed it. For example I didn’t like eating spicy food though I didn’t eat any of it until my friend said “This is so  good, Cyrus try it.” so I did. Even now I don’t like eating spicy food though I tried some of it and it was pretty good. I just needed a gallon of water next to me. I was being really open-minded and a communicator because most of the activities needed teamwork in them. For example we needed to collaborate ideas for cooking, we helped and encouraged each other on the climbing wall. I am really happy what my group did to help me and what they did for others. Everyone in the group had team spirit and worked very well together. Everytime we had a challenge everyone would get all the ideas then we would pick the best 3 as a group then vote on the best one.

I met a lot of new people such as I don’t see them much at school and we don’t talk much. But in that period of time we have gotten to know each other much better. In the camp I did things that I never thought I would be able to complete. Such as cooking. I never cooked my own dish before but after the teacher explained everything my understanding was much stronger. Rock climbing. I was never afraid of heights, but the obstacles on the wall looked really hard. But I gave a 110% effort into it. There was one part where I had to climb upside down to complete it but half way through my hands were aching already but I never gave up. Away from family wasn’t as bad for me because I had times where I left my family for a month, but of course I miss them and always wish to go back home. I told my friend I want to go when I stay, but you want to stay when you go. All my friends agree and I think it was a common thing. I showed responsibility by being principled. That means doing the right things even when the teacher isn’t looking. For example I picked up trash that was lying on the ground to save the environment.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experiences in Thailand. If you have any questions about the trip please comment in the comment box below. Stay tuned for pictures on the trip.

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